Adeje’s smart young women

For the second year running the Adeje awards to the borough’s best secondary school students has been won by young women, three from the El Galeón secondary school and four from the Los Olivos school.

The ‘Jóvenes Talento’ (talented youth) prizes, whose aim is to reward effort and work done during the school year , is for secondary school students in public education centres in Adeje. The winners this year are Yaiza Sánchez Mederos, Noemi Parpaiola, Tian Yao, all studying in El Galeón, and Elena León Díaz, Tracy Méndez Díaz. Leila Boukyaou Delgado and Valentina Sebestyenl, students in Los Olivos. Each young women received €500 and Adeje councillor for youth affairs, Zebenzui Chinea Linares, made the presentation.

“These awards were created to reflect the worth of studying, to encourage a culture of dedication and effort, of excellence, and above all of a willingness to learn among our young people” reflected the councillor, adding that next year they would also be taking linguistic ability into consideration, to encourage more people to study and achieve proficiency in a second or third language.




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Bilingual Course in IES El Galeon

A few parents have been asking how their children can get into the ‘bilingual’ course in the El Galeon secondary school in Adeje, so we made a few inquiries.
According to the school’s secretary, it is a simple enough process, carried out by the school itself. At the moment 30 pupils can pursue their secondary school studies in the bilingual course, that is through English and Spanish. There is no need to apply, in fact you cannot apply from outside. The institute evaluates all the students about to begin secondary school in September based on the marks they have received from their primary schools.
In general a student must have attained a ‘sobresaliente’ or ‘excellent’ in English to be considered, and thereafter, if there are more students than places, their other marks will also be taken into consideration. If the pupil is English they must have also achieved a ‘sobresaliente’ in Spanish at primary level.
There is no application process. The selection is made at the start of the first term and parents are notified and agree, or not, to place their child in the bilingual course.