Fingerprints of the past

The initiative served to show today’s children traditional games


The Adeje department of seniors, under councillor Cristina Fuente Carballo, have designed a very special campaign for the borough’s infant and primary schools, ‘Dejando Huella’ or Leaving Fingerprints. The project is to show the children of today the games of years gone by, in a fun and informative way.

“The Adeje seniors are always looking for ways to contribute to today’s society ina positive way, and on this occasion they have used traditional games as a means of connecting with young people, who really did respond enthusiastically and in a spirit of fun”, commented the councillor.

‘Leaving Fingerprints’ has two facets, the first being the games themselves, and the second to look at how children’s games and local customs help a modern society advance without losing sight of our past.

The games were played out in the schools with the children learning and practising, with an older person from the borough showing each skill/game to the groups. This was everything from sack racing to local forms of blind man’s buff and skipping.

In parallel there was a demonstration of folklore from the Santa Ana group with the children also learning some local dances.


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A busy month in Adeje


Adeje is organising a plethora of activities through different departments in April

Adeje’s departments are very busy organising a host of different activities with something for just about everyone living in the borough during the month of April.

During this week, on April 4th , the Cruz Roja (Red Cross) are organising a talk on security in sports at 6pm, and in the Adeje Cultural Centre the ‘Educar en Familia’ an on-going series of conferences on educating within families, is running a conference on sex and adolescence, how, why and prevention! On Friday the seniors club have a workshop on self-esteem and personal power (6pm). Saturday April 6th sees a table-tennis tournament in the Youth Centre at 5pm, a talk on Infodrones in the School of Security and Social Harmony at 7pm and the opening of an exhibition, ‘Bahá’u’lláh’ at 9pm. And the weekend (April 7th and 8th) will see a series of National League foot volley games on Torviscas beach .

The second week of the month opens, on April 9th, with a work-shop on parenting in the Adeje Cultural Centre at 6pm. On April 10th and 12th the seniors club have two outings, a trip on a Catamaran, and a spa visit. On April 13th there’s a rap ‘Beat Battle’ in the Youth Centre with 16 rappers competing in eliminatory rounds. Saturday April 14th is a busy day with a walk in La Orotava, a talk on discovering feminism in La Laguna and the VI Solidarity Seniors festival at 6pm in the Adeje Cultural Centre.

On Thursday April 19th at 6pm there is an event on migrant women and the media, on Friday April 21st the senior citizens are off again, visiting the Hermano Pedro cave, on April 25th they have a cinema outing and on April 28th they can go to the show in the Castillo San Miguel.

Towards the end of the month the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA) will host a talk on food for oncology patients organised by the Spanish Cancer Association (AECC).

All of the events mentioned will be in Spanish and some may need prior registration, most of them are free. The council also points out that events are subject to last minute change and advises people to check on the Adeje page ( , or the Adeje app in advance.




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In Adeje life begins at 65!

Over 5,000 seniors enjoy Adeje activities

The Adeje council’s department for seniors has just released its annual report for 2017 detailing the activities throughout the year gone by and, according to councillor Cristina Fuente Carballo, “it has been a very positive year and we have dealt with over 5,000 people, many of whom have participated in one or more of the over 150 activities we have organised.

“The department is under the auspices of social welfare and attention to diversity and is concerned with the older Adeje population, working in two spheres – social and active, and in this way we can meet the needs of many people who have different levels of dependency too”.

During the year there were activities related to social harmony, physical activity, events dealing with loneliness, caring for one’s health, new technologies and its relevance for older persons, the position of older people in society and in the family, and many more.

Other projects saw people work to improve their quality of life with activities designed to ‘stimulate to prevent physical deterioration’, there were parties, folklore projects, cookery workshops, and many of the events took place in different parts of the borough.

Under the title ‘Active Seniors’ 2017 was a very busy year for the department – over 60 courses and workshops. They also welcomed 180 new senior citizen card holders adding to the 1,000 already signed up. However, “you don’t have to be a card-carrying senior citizen to take part in our events” assured the councillor.

The department, located in the Adeje Cultural Centre, is open to the public from 8am – 7.30pm from Monday to Friday and from 3pm to 7.30pm on Saturdays. There are classes in yoga, adapted gymnastics, information and IT courses, games, seasonal activities, excursions, walks, tours and trips, etc., organised all year around.

The department also works with individuals in need of special care and has offered home help in 130 cases during the year, offering a number of hours a week to individuals in need who may be house-bound. There are courses designed to help individuals with cognitive difficulties due to advancing years and there is a transport service on offer to help people attend doctor visits or deal with administrative matters.

There is also a telephone assistance service for those living alone.




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Summer Specials For Over 60s




Older people took part in workshops and games in the company of children who were involved in parallel summer camps

This year the Adeje senior’s programme celebrated 15 years of fun and helpful summer activities for the older borough’s citizens.

According to the councillor in charge, Carmen Rosa González Cabrera, this summer was no different with a range of diverse activities taking place in the open air, and as in previous years the beaches of Adeje were the scene for many of the events which mixed fun with healthy activities as well as promoting Adeje’s harmonious co-existence among people of many different backgrounds, and even ages as older citizens mixed with some of the younger ones during the activities.

This was one of the novelties this year – the integration of people from different age groups and sectors of the local population. In conjunction with the ‘Activate Sonrisa’ (Activate Smile) project run by the department of economic development about 50 older people took part in workshops and games in the company of children who were involved in parallel summer camps.

For 15 consecutive years the Adeje seniors have been able to avail of a summer programme of events with the principal objective being, “benefits for those of a certain age through recreational and healthy activities”, says Carmen Rosa González. Two days every week during the summer months the group enjoyed swimming, games on the sand, walking, gymnastics adapted to ability and age, “leading, in general, to an overall improvement in the quality of life of our senior citizens”, she added.

To facilitate maximum participation a bus was used to go around the borough collecting those older citizens taking part who might not have individual and bringing them home afterwards. In the majority of cases the events took place in parts of Costa Adeje allowing people to enjoy the best beaches in the borough, most of them flying blue flags for excellence.

To mark the end of the summer programme a Hawaiian party was held with a ‘Miss and Mister Summer fashion parade for participants, followed by lunch and beach bingo. A great end to another great summer.

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