Looking after those in need


In recent days the Adeje council signed a contract for the provision of non-perishable foods and essential products to assist families in need or/and at risk of social exclusion in the borough.

The new agreement is designed to offer immediate help. “With this new initiative we are offering an emergency assistance service dealing, above all, with those needing food and personal hygiene products” commented the Adeje social welfare councillor, Isabel Fernández González, adding that the service will also be working to address the reasons behind the emergency situation people find themselves in and that place them at the risk of social exclusion.

Items that will be provided will include rice, cereals, flour, and food stuffs in jars/tins such as jams, beans, and hygienic products such as soap, nappies, shower gel, toothbrushes and toothpaste, etc. According to the councillor with this new agreement the have a two-year stock of products for those in need of urgent and immediate attention.


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Army concert donation



500 kilos of products – dry goods, personal hygiene items, etc. were handed over by the local army brigade to the Adeje council earlier today.

The donation was made possible by the funds raised by the Army band Christmas Concert in the Magma Arte & Congresos centre, which was held on December 17th for the second consecutive year in Adeje.

The goods will be stored in the Adeje food bank and given over the families in need in the borough. The donation was handed over to the councillors Isabel Fernández González and Adolfo Alonso Ferrera by Commandant José Ignacio García Salamanca.
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La Caleta donation



The La Caleta fiestas committee donate goods worth €1,000 to families in need

The president of the 2016 La Caleta Fiestas committee, Manuel Luis Morales, and vicepresident Estrella Jorge, recently handed over €1,000 worth of goods to the Adeje department of social welfare, specifically items for baby care, including nappies, baby food, formula, etc. The goods were handed over at the Adeje Food Bank and were gratefully received by the councillor for social welfare, Isabel Fernández González.

Councillor Fernández said she was “profoundly grateful for this solidarity gesture on the part of the La Caleta committee. It’s these kind of actions that help us reach all the families in need in the Adeje borough and in particular those most vulnerable, most in need, the children”.


The Adeje Food Bank has been operated by the Adeje council for a number of years to ensure that families in the borough have access to basics during hard times. As well as food, the council, through the offices of the department of social welfare, can help with other financial problems with a team of professional assessors and social welfare officers on hand.

In addition to this assistance, other departments are also helping families in difficulties, such as travel and book grants from the department of education for students in the borough, and social and training programmes created by the department of employment promotion, designed for those in danger of social exclusion.
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Arvelo and Miraverde Association’s Toy Story!

solidaridad adeje_3

The social welfare councillor Isabel Fernández and her team are working to ensure every child in Adeje is visited by The Three Kings over the festive season

During the week the Miraverde Association dropped into the office of the Social Welfare department to hand over a cheque for over €2,200 collected during a series of fund raising events. The money is going to the Arvelo toy stores who will supply the department with toys for children in need in the borough, from families registered with the Social Services department.

According the councillor Isabel Fernández González “we are delighted because thanks to the solidarity and help of the residents of Miraverde over €2,200 has been raised which is going to the Arvelo toy company who will make sure we have the toys we need for the children from families who may be struggling financially this year. We are working to make sure no child is without a gift this year”.

solidaridad adeje_12

Carlos Arvelo, director general of the company, said “we will be able to hand over a lot of toys this year as we will take them from our warehouse and charge wholesale prices only, so we can purchase a lot more toys with the monies raised”.

Marco Flor, spokesperson for the residents in Miraverde commented, “this year we raised €2,200 and we hope next year it will be more. As well as raising money we have also taken the opportunity to explain to everyone what a good cause it is. The majority of our residents are German, about 400 persons, and we have been delighted to be able to hold solidarity fund raising events over many years”. He also thanked Frutería Gorrin and Clinca Dental Kutnjak for their donations.

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A happier Christmas!

adeje-cruz roja dona set de alimentos navideños (2)

Cruz Roja and Adeje council donate 20 family boxes which include Christmas fare

20 Adeje families received Christmas boxes from the Cruz Roja (Red Cross) in conjunction with the Adeje council this week.

These were boxes specially prepared for families in need at this time of year, with Christmas-based food products as well as some basic dietary staples. The donations were made as part of the on-going social services aid programme which is dedicated to helping those most in need throughout the year.

Present at the delivery, which took place in the Adeje Cultural Centre, were the Adeje councillor for social welfare, Amada Trujillo Bencomo and volunteer members of the Red Cross.

For her part, the councillor thanked the Cruz Roja for all the social assistance projects they are operating in the Adeje borough, and said that she was delighted that Christmas continues “to bring out the best in all of us”. She said these boxes “are of great help to the families here today and the council of Adeje is delighted to continue to work with the Cruz Roja in their work reaching out to the most vulnerable in our society”.

Estimates: Job creation and social welfare 2015 priorities

adeje-rueda prensa presupuestos 2015 (2)

The mayor paid tribute to the high local tax and rates compliance as important to the borough’s welfare

Meeting all the requirements of the Canarian Financial Fund as well as the two economic adjustment payment plans means that the Adeje council is in a position to increase budget estimates for 2013 by 5.86%. The mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga presented the annual estimates alongside the councillor for tax and finance Epifanio Díaz Hernandez and the local government spokesperson Adolfo Afonso Ferrera, the day before they were presented to the council for ratification.

The Adeje council budget estimates for 2015 calculated income at just over €89 million, a 5.86% on 2014, and a spending plan of just over €83 million, an increase of 4.49% on last year, “which allows us to continue to maintain and improve on basic services such as cleaning, lights, water etc, without touching any of the other services which we also see as essential, such as sports, culture and education”, explained the mayor.

He continued, “the healthy economic state of the council, as a result of the good financial management carried out in recent years, allows us meet all the targets of the Canarian Financial Fund, and we have also met the adjustment targets and reduced public debt by €14 million”. The mayor underlined “the importance part Adeje’s residents have played in their high level of compliance in paying local rates and taxes, with 88% of residents fulfilling their financial requirements voluntarily. This is hugely important and we also take it as a vote of confidence from our citizens in the way we are managing the public funds”.

While all areas will see some increase in spending, the mayor repeated that the areas of job creation (18%), social services (10.92%) tourism (7.24%) will benefit in particular with an overall increase in investment of 114%.

Rodriguez Fraga said that “for us it is fundamental and irrevocable that we concentrate on the creation of jobs as the main weapon in overcoming the financial crisis for many families. The second measure in this battle is the assistant we can offer, which will also see increased investment.” Regarding the increase in monies for tourism, he said that some of this would be used early in the new year to fund the project to reposition Costa Adeje in the international market place and “reinforce and strengthen this tourist destination which is the economic motor of the region”.

Responding to questions from journalists the mayor said that “we will continue to work with social commitments made as we believe it is absurd to separate social problems from the administrations which best know the local problems, in other words the councils”. In this regard he criticised the “fixation of the national government with councils…the councils are the bodies that are meeting their deficits, we are the best administrators of public money and the bodies that are giving the best local services”.

No to Domestic Violence

Desiderio Afonso Ruiz and Amada Trujillo Bencomo

Desiderio Afonso Ruiz and Amada Trujillo Bencomo

Adeje council has designed a programme of activities that says NO to domestic violence
As part of this programme Adeje will host activities on the 25th of November, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
To mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on November 25th, Adeje council has put in place a programme of events which will continue to the end of the month aimed at spelling out a positive message of help and support for women who are find themselves at risk, as well as distributing information at a general level to people outlining the actions they too should take if they are aware of an existing or potential domestic violence situation.
The Adeje councillor with responsibility for equality, Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz, has said that “with this programme we hope that society can being to better understand that domestic violence is a contemptible act that must be totally eradicated from our society. To make that possible it is essential that women understand that YES there is help and they are not alone”. The programme has the support of Amada Trujillo Bencomo, Adeje councillor for social welfare, with both departments working side by side to rid society of this form of violence.
“This is a problem within our society which affects many women, who need to report this kind of suffering because you cannot compromise within a domestic violent situation. Society too needs to learn not to ignore the reality; our mission needs to be the protection of victims of domestic violence so that they can move away from the risk situation they are in, and the programme we have designed this year sees the increased implication of social agencies simply because we cannot leave any women at the mercy of this scourge”.
On November 21st there will be a talk on domestic violence (in Spanish) in the Adeje Cultural Centre, entry is free. Following this, at 9pm, there will be a theatre performance by Clichéteatro, entry is €5.
International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
The programme of events on November 25t begins at 10am, with an informal information session and the handing out of ribbons by the Asociación Mujeres de Blanco por la Igualdad (Association of Women in White for Equality) and the Asociación de Mujeres Tara Condesa (an Adeje based group that works for equality). At midday there will be a public minute of silence on the steps of the town hall to remember all the victims of domestic violence and a reading of the council’s manifesto. All are welcome to join in.
From 7pm there will be a ceremony handing out the prizes in the III Short Stories about Domestic Violence competition, and this year’s winner is Aída Méndez García from IES Adeje II with her entry, “Mi decisión” with second prize going to María Lucía Sepe, Colegio Costa Adeje with “Recordar el dolor”, and third prize to Sara Lorenzo Díaz, Colegio Costa Adeje, “Todo por un despiste”. Following the prize-giving an exhibition of art against domestic violence by secondary school students will take place.
Running throughout the month, until December 5th, the project “Living Equally” is taking place, which works to improve living together through a series of activities taking place in schools in the borough teaching about non-violence and equality on a day to day basis. This programme has been designed by the University of La Laguna and is directed in the schools by trained social workers.


Schoolbag Donation

The Adeje council recently donated backpacks to 80 local school children in infants, primary and secondary school . Inside the bags was school materials for the start of the academic year.
The presentation was made by the social welfare councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo and education councillor Andrés Pérez Ramos with members of the Red Cross who worked with other bodies to raise funds for the students in need. The councillors said this was “an important aid for families who need it most…we have made a commitment to offer equality of opportunities, including our young boys and girls who now have the school materials they need to begin their courses”:
Education, they councillors said, continued to be a vital tool in helping young people overcome difficulties and iron out differences in their daily lives now and in the future. “No young person in Adeje will be without the basic learning and study tools”, they promised.
The students in receipt of the kits have been chosen by the social welfare and education departments based on applications made by families in the borough. Inside the backpack are materials adapted to each of the school levels