Footgolf’s coming home!

Costa Adeje hosts the Spanish Open this weekend

Maikel Álvarez, hoping to become Spanish Open Footgolf Champ

Tenerife footgolf player Maikel Álvarez, is hoping to be proclaimed Spanish champion this weekend in the Spanish Open which is taking place here in Adeje this weekend!

The game, where a player attempts to kick a football into a 21” cup in as few shots as possible, is a growing sport. According to Zeben Díaz, vicepresident of the Canarian Footgolf federation,  the Adeje Cup is taking place in the run-up to the World Cup being held in Marrakesh. The Adeje Cup “is two tournaments in one, as it’s both an international stage and the Spanish Open”.

The Tenerife player Maikel Álverez is currently second in the world rankings but hopes to claim top spot this weekend. The competition is on October 12th, 13th and 14th in the Los Lagos Golf in Costa Adeje and broadcast live via social media. 130 players are expected to take part, with the a €7,000 purse for the winners. Among the particpants are top players Ben Clarke, Nico García and Jamie Cullum.


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Sports for all in Adeje

There is a full sporting agenda in place for the coming months. “From May to August sports is a major part of the local offer, offering fun, leisure and healthy options,” says sports councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, adding, “we have always supported sport as a tool for social involvements and to that end we also invest a lot of resources in improving our sports base and the youth teams that we have in Adeje, and the results are already very positive and of direct benefit to Adeje and our sports women and men. We have an ample range of sporting installations and will continue to work to offer our sports’ fans the best and encourage Adeje sports to travel far and wide”.

Among the headline events is the Adeje Rally taking place this week, an event that is also a classification event for the Spanish championships, and this year the rally is also listed as a pre-inspection event for inclusion in the future in the European trophy competition. The event takes place around the borough on May 11th and 12th.

This month there is also a number of important basketball events in the Tijoco and Las Torres sports pavilions, and over the last weekend in May the borough hosts both the II Martial Arts Adeje Open and the Canarian Youth Volleyball championships.

In June the Tenerife Blue Trail comes to Adeje for the first time, leaving from the Playa Fañabe taking the maritime trail to La Caleta, up to the town along the Calle Grande, and over through the Boca del Paso, la Quinta, Ifonche to Vilaflor, arriving to Puerto de la Cruz. More information on

And the month of June closes with the family day celebrating the end of the sporting term on June 20th and International Yoga Day on June 24th in El Galeon.

July will see a series of summer camps in Adeje, in basketball, goalkeeping, football, and the Adeje Youth Football tournament on August.


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Ready to swim the coast?

Costa Adeje swim registration open

Registration for the annual Costa Adeje swim is now open. The event, organised by the Adeje council’s sports department and Anima2, takes place on May 20th and will include two distances, 2,500 m. and 7,500 m.
The swims will be along the Adeje coast line and are seen both as something to challenge those who already enjoy open-sea swimming as well as encouraging others to take up this very healthy activity.
More information and registration:


A busy start to the year!


The calendar for first month of 2017 in Adeje is already full with sporting, traditional and cultural events on offer via the Council and the celebration of one of the borough’s patron saints, San Sebastián, on January 19th & 20th.


Events kick off this Friday, January 13th, at 6pm in the Adeje Cultural Centre (room 9) with a presentation of a book “Fantasías de la abuela Copito” by Adeje woman Juana Rita González Acosta, based on questions from her grandchildren, full of adventure, love and learning.


On the same evening, at 8pm a new art exhibition will be opened in the exhibition hall by Italian-born artist Stefania Fratti She has hosted shows in Milan, Magenta and Brianza, won first place in “Mi Ciudad/My Town” competition, and has been based in Tenerife now for a number of years.


On Sunday January 15th a delegation from the local basketball school will be in attendance at the big league game between Iberostar Tenerife and FC Barcelona in the Pabellón Santiago Martín. Costa Adeje is the official ‘clean play’ sponsor as part of a cross-borough Chasna Isora campaign.

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Basketball fans are in for a treat

basketball game
This Saturday, September 3rd, the two top Canarian teams, Iberostar Tenerife and Herbalife Gran Canaria will play a pre-season game in the Adeje Las Torres Pavilion at 8.30pm.
There are still tickets available for what should be a cracking game, and are only €5 and €10 euros. They are on sale at the Adeje pavilion, at the Todo Hobby shop in Calle Piedra Redonda and in the offices of CB Canarias in the Santiago Martín stadium in la Laguna.
This will be the fans’ first chance to see some of the sides’ new signings, and enjoy a top class game.

Alina puts them through their paces

Rhythmic gymnastics World Champion gives master class in Adeje

The Ukrainian rhythmic gymnastics champion Alina Maksymenko has been giving a series of master classes to young athletes here in Adeje. The visit was made possible by the Club Tenesay and the Adeje sports department.

Over 100 athletes of the sport in Tenerife travelled to the El Galeón sports centre in Adeje to take advantage of this opportunity to train with one of the world’s best in the discipline. Speaking to press after the first morning’s work, Alina Maksymenko said she was delighted to be in Adeje, “it’s my first time here and I am really enjoying it. All of the gymnasts here will learn a lot of new techniques and we will help them in their sporting development and to improve as athletes”.



Adeje sport’s councillor Adolfo Alonso, thanked Alina for her time and dedication. “We are privileged to have an athlete of this standing here with us”, he said also praising the initiative of the local rhythmic gymnastics club Tenesay for inviting her to train in Adeje, and their on-going commitment to sport in Adeje, “making this one of the most popular sports in the borough”, he said.


Alexandra, Adeje’s woman of the year



The world champion surfer has become a role model for young people

The Adeje council have just announced that the winner of this year’s Abinque prize, will be sporting champion Alexandra Rinder, twice body boarding world champion and the youngest woman in the history of the award to win the prize. The Adeje mayor said, “With this award we are reflecting an important segment of our identity. Recognising women, individuals and associations who, by example and action, are continuing the fight for genuine equality between men and women, to whom we extend our gratitude and admiration”.

The award ceremony for this, the 13th Abinque Prize, will take place at the traditional gala dinner on Friday March 11th from 8pm in the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre, (CDTCA). To reserve/buy tickets people can phone the department of equality, 922.756.244 or call into the Adeje Cultural Centre, the Adeje Los Olivos Disabled Centre or the municipal Creche.

Speaking about this year’s winner, Alexandra Rinder, the mayor said, she “belongs to the constellation of Adeje youth who, in recent years, have been successful in different disciplines such as sport, literature and music. Alexandra has those qualities which we value – talent, a work ethic, strength, dedication and consistency. She is a reference point for young people who see in her someone worth imitating, not just for her world titles but for her discipline and determination to follow her dreams”. Coincidentally the prize is being awarded as the Adeje sports department are launching their equality campaign for sport free from gender barriers.

Alexandra has been overall body board world champion twice and was also the second Canarian to win the female title at international level. When she was 16 she was also the youngest holder of the world title making history within the sport. She has broken gender barriers within the sport and opened doors for future generations of young women in sport.


The Adeje council works to support people in all walks of life, from sport to literature and music. Furthermore the council has always been willing to invest in individuals from the borough to help them compete and advance their sporting careers internationally.

In the case of Alexandra Rinder, this young Adejera, with German roots, has become something of an international ambassador for Costa Adeje in the world of sport.

The Abinque Prize

The Abinque Prize was first awarded in 2004 and is given to a woman or collective that has contributed to the advancement of women in Adeje, personally and/professionally and to the advancement of real equality between men and women.

Previous winners have included Brigitte Gypen, the founder of the Walk for Life breast cancer movement, the collective group of women who clean the public schools and installations, hospital visitors, the founder of one of the town’s most respected crèches and the borough’s tomato and banana packers. Last year the winners were the oldest women in the borough who have helped bring the people of Adeje into the 21st century.

Activities To Suit Everyone


Carreño Clemente: “the aim of sports tourism is to maintain the quality of the service”

Juan Antonio Carreño Clemente, expert in physical activities and sport and a professor at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, directed one of the Tourism and Sport courses during the Adeje Summer University, looking at the relationship between the two activities in the Canary Islands.

Carreño Clemente asked students to answer the question, “what is more natural – to go to a shopping centre or spend six hours in front of the television or go for a walk in the mountains or to a beach. Everything is relatively near in the Canary Islands, and one of the advantages we have is that to practise sport here we don’t have to travel 40 kilometres to do so. And given all the resources we have to hand right here, he told students “there are activities to suit everyone”.

Tenerife has, he pointed out, an important sporting culture and “the excellent weather conditions which attract people in the world of cycling, swimming and other sports. The short distances people have to travel between centres also means that someone can go from the sea to the mountain in just a few hours”, something practically impossible in other parts of Europe.

At the same time Carreño Clemente explained that these kind of advantageous conditions allow a diversification of the tourist offer on the island.” He said the people who visit Tenerife tend to be “sun seekers, athletes, the elite and those in search of spiritual renewal, thus one can design both a sporting tourism product and one that is designed to offer escapism on holiday”.

However he added that “tourists are very sensitive to price and there needs to be a competitive offer”, while maintaining quality services”.



Sport, personal and social development

UVA (19)

Nutrition, looking after your body and the study of intercultural realities at national and insular levels will be featured in one of the courses on offer during the Adeje Summer University which runs from July 21st to 25th.

The course, in Spanish, “Deporte y desarrollo personal y social (sport and personal and social development)” will be taught by University of La Laguna professor Francisco Jiménez Jiménez, and looks at different ways of integrating sporting values into social settings. It will also look at techniques regarding care of the body, and nutritional needs.

The course will look at the practise of sports within family settings as well as the relationships between trainers and athletes, or between rivals. In this way special attentions will be given to the building of intercultural relationships and the existence of racism in sport and in other competitive situations, paying attention to the personal and social advancement of students, and how that applies in sporting situations, to those competing, trainers and coaches, referees and institutional heads within the field of sports education.

The course will be held in the university campus, in the Adeje cultural centre and is 20 hours in total. Students can earn two credits (CLE or ECTS). Evaluation will be based on attendance and participation in theoretical classes and conferences, using diverse audio visual media and concluding with a series of debates on issues raised.

Those interested in signing up for the course or looking for more information on the Summer University should contact either the Adeje Council, Cultural Centre, Calle Príncipe Pelinor, S/N 38670 – Adeje, Tel 922 756 246 or the University of La Laguna, – Vicerrectorado de Relaciones Universidad y Sociedad Calle Viana, 50 – San Cristóbal de La Laguna Tel 922 319 616.

The Jewel in the Surfer’s Crown

bodyboard poster

The president of the Canarian Surf Federation, Ángel Lobo, told press that “the La Caleta wave is the jewel in the Canarian crown for surfers”. He was speaking at a press conference to announce details of the V Bodyboard Championship round. The mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga added that he would defend and protect that ‘jewel in the crown”. The local councillor for sport Adolfo Alonso Ferrera was also present, and spoke of the good working relationship the council have with the federation at sporting and training levels.

The V Bodyboard Championship will take place, weather depending, over the summer months, during July, August and September. This competition has a high star rating level and contributes to the final ranking of those taking part and is relevant to the national circuit in 2015.

The categories in La Caleta are the Open ‘singular’ in which the surfer stays lying down on the board throughout the ride, and the ‘drop knee’ category. In previous years over one hundred surfers have taken part and the organisers are expecting the same high level of participation this year. Local riders can also participate in parallel competitions. More information is available from the federation web page:

Ángel Lobo thanked the Adeje council for their support saying it was “another example of Adeje’s backing for sport in general, and for surf and bodyboard events in particular. Adeje is an ideal place to practise these sports due to its geographic location”, he added.

The mayor said he was at the conference to add his personal support to the event, and as mayor too, “we give added value to sports along our coast, not too surprising perhaps, given that we are a tourist destination bordered by the sea. It is also important for the local population as it contributes to their health and well being”.

ADEJE-V prueba circuito canario de bodyboard (4)

Both Ángel Lobo and Adolfo Alonso stressed the fact that there was a very high level of Canarians doing well on the world stage in this sport. “There is no where else in the world that has such a high number of top class representatives in the sport – between 20 and 25 people from the Canaries. Perhaps its doesn’t have the kind of international recognition it should due to a lack of sponsors, but when international events take place here it is Canarians who are on the winning podium”. The sports councillor added that, for his part, he wanted to mention the two local surfers who were world class, “Diego Cabrera y Alexandra Rinder”.

Finally the mayor used the occasion to remind people of the high returns from investing in people in the sporting, cultural or social arenas. “This council group will continue to support and design these kind of initiatives even if new laws attempt to restrict us doing so, because we know that they have directly benefit the quality of life and well being of our residents”.

ADEJE-V prueba circuito canario de bodyboard (1)