Adeje’s top ten students are going to Cork

Ten of Adeje’s top secondary school students will spend two weeks in Ireland this summer

The winners of Adeje ‘Young Talent’ competition have been announced – the students have all been recognised for their excellent grades and other contributions to the town during the academic year. The students have been chosen from the borough’s public schools.

This year, as well as recognising the effort the students have put into exams and class subjects, contributions to other areas of life, social work, helping others, etc, have also been taken into account.

The ten lucky students, who will be spending two weeks in Cork, in Ireland this summer, are María Magdalena Rodríguez Linares, Amaya González Sola, Kitana Desvignes, Jing Li Li, Alba Rey Merino, Ayoub Bachaou Mohamed, Laura Michelle Ziegler, Atenea Gloria Rodríguez Mendoza, Ainoha González López and Víctor José Arzola Murillo. They were told details of the award this week in the Adeje youth centre, by the councillor for youth Zebenzui Chinea Linares.

The two-week stay in Cork will see the ten winners, accompanied by members of the Adeje youth team, enjoy leisure time, with residents, families and students from Cork, as well as improving their English with an intensive language course.


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Readers and students using Adeje public libraries

Harry Potter is top choice among Adeje’s younger library users

The Adeje public library network, under councillor Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz, has just released annual figures for 2017, “and the numbers are quite significant”, he commented, “the libraries in Armeñime and Fañabe are now open to the public too, part of the network of services on offer in the Adeje library and the Canarian library in the town”.

Overall there were over 40 thousand library consultations last year, nearly 7,000 items were lent out and more than 21,400 people passed through the library doors in that time. “Our aim is to continue to improve the services we offer to the library users through the network, people who often depend upon the resources in the library when they need to consult information or need a quiet space to study or prepare projects” the councillor commented.

On average 1,785 people used the facility every month, almost 4 out of 5 of those were adults. In terms of material lent out, the highest demand is for study material, followed by literature and items from the children’s section which includes books and videos. The IT offer in the library is also widely used with an average of 88 connections daily.

The library is used as a meeting space, and during 2017 15 book launches were held there as were 4 school visits, 4 baby storytelling events, 5 workshops, 3 workshops and a number of poetry recitals.

The most requested book for very young readers was Disney’s Magic English while slightly older readers opted for Harry Potter y el legado maldito (Harry Potter and the cursed child) above all others while adults borrowed Ser Feliz en Alaska followed by an autobiography of J. Cruyff.



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Adeje’s young writers commit to equality

The winners of the Adeje secondary school short story competition commemorating International Day Against Violence Against Women were named last night

“Gender violence is a scourge which must be eradicated, root and branch” was the overriding sentiment voiced at last night’s event to mark the winners of the Adeje short story competition for the borough’s secondary school students. The night also awarded artists who concentrated on the theme of good treatment practices. Both events are designed to raise awareness among young people of equality and respect among the sexes and genders.

“Sadly the statistics are horrifying with an average of 50 women killed as a result of gender violence annually, and over 700,000 reports of violence and abuse. That means we have over 700,000 abusers in our society too”, commented the councillor for equality policies, Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro. She reported that just a number of hours prior to last night’s event another women had lost her life bringing the number to 45 in 2017. “Unfortunately this is only the tip of the iceberg, and is an indication of the kind of suffering many thousands of women are enduring day after day, to often in silence, without the means to escape”.

This is why, the councillor explained, “The Adeje council work to sow the seeds of change to overcome this problem. Because this is a job for all social agencies, to work to prevent and to care for those women who are suffering as a result of gender violence. We mustn’t forget that the children in families are suffering too. So our work must be in training, awareness raising events and activities in our education centres, workshops and more such as this short story competition, concentrating on the issue of gender violence, and the art competition on good treatment practices. What we want is that students think about the theme and put into words and colours and shapes what they are feeling and thinking. After all they are the future of our society”.

The short story jury commented that the level of participation was one of the highest since the competition began. First prize went to Corina Linarea Quinteros, second place was for Nicole Almeda Ehemann, and third place went to Agustina Kasperskas. All three are 4th year students in IES El Galeón secondary school.

In the art competition, the winners were judged on relevance to the theme, originality, artistic quality, technique and sensitivity. There were a number of winners – Paola Blas, Lilia Piva and Natalia Llamas (IES Adeje) for “Amar te duele”, the work “Freedom” by Anna Sosina and Paola C. Tunarosa, from the Costa Adeje school was second and third prize was for “Speak your mind” by Rafael Hernández Pérez, also from the Costa Adeje school.



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Adeje’s got talent!


Aarón Germán Martín Durán, Manuel Gregorio (Bachillerato IES Adeje), Ling Li li, María Magdalena Rodríguez Linares (ESO IES Adeje), Oliver Ferrin Günther, Cristian Bettin y Raya Koleva Zdravkova (ESO IES El Galeón), have all been given a “Jóvenes con Talento” (Youth Talent) award for their excellent grades during the 2016-2017 academic year. Each student received €500 as well a plaque recognising their achievement.

These awards are part of an initiative recognising the effort and work of the students in different second level disciplines in Adeje’s public education centres, and the seven winners are fine examples of the kind of young people the borough are helping. During the meeting with the award winners, Adeje youth councillor Zebenzui Chinea Linares encouraged all of the students to continue their top class work and studies. In the majority of cases the awards were received for studies in the science and biology sectors.

“With these awards we are working to encourage all our students in their class work. The initiative has been very well received and will be something we plan to continue with in the coming years”, said councillor Chinea Linares.

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Adeje student grants




The Adeje council, via the department of education, has opened the application period for grant applications for a range of assistances for students from the borough. These include transport and study material grants, residential subventions and other costs that students in both secondary and third level education might incur. They also, importantly, point out that those who might have already applied in September need to do so again as certain procedures have changed.

The councillor with responsibility for the area, Adolfo Alonso Ferrera said, “We continue to offer all the help we can to assist those continuing their education, and in this case in particular to those who wish to pursue professional courses, with two distinct lines of assistance to offset primary and secondary costs. And we are taking into account the additional costs students will have if they need to move out of home to another area to take up certain course offers.


“Here in Adeje we have always encouraged our young people to pursue their studies to get the best possible professional qualifications they can, which in turn allows them aspire to better jobs and salaries as they enter into the workforce. The council is committed to helping our young people develop their potential and we agree that it would be unjust for anyone to have to abandon their chosen career path for economic reasons alone”.

Assistance for transport is on offer for secondary students in 3rd and 4th year, those continuing their studies to Bachillerato level and those pursuing university courses or vocational training in recognised Spanish educational centres. Students must have been registered as resident in Adeje (on the ‘padrón) for at least six months prior to the application. Students have until November 15th to submit their applications and the full application form and list of application guidelines is on the Adeje website,

Are you being served?

Over the last month a group of English resident ‘guinea pigs’ have been going out for breakfast!
The group were invited, through the Adeje council, to help the department of economic development and job creation by having breakfast served to them once a month! Nice work if you can get it…

What this is really about is helping a group of 15 young people, aged between 16-25, without any qualification and at risk of social exclusion, train in basic restaurant and bar operations. So an invited group of 20 English Adeje residents were invited to play ‘tourists’, to help the trainees deal with people in a different language, learn to serve, take orders, deal with different kinds of requests, and a big etc.
The first breakfast, a month ago, was beset by problems mostly not of the students making – with a technical problem in the kitchen the English Breakfast they had worked so long to serve, was cold….but to give them their due they coped with the complaints. The ‘guests’ were patient, knowing the circumstances, and were happy to accept an invitation to return this week for a Spanish breakfast.

What a difference. The guests were presented with a written menu, the students were now taking written orders, service was improved, the interaction with guests was at a new level, and the food was superb according to all the very happy ‘tourists’. And in parallel there have been new friendships formed and increased awareness of the work the Adeje council is doing in the area of job creation and tourism.

It’s a mantra of the mayor’s and a very important one – education and training have to go hand in hand with the continued development of Adeje’s tourist brand. And it also has created new links between the Adeje council and the local British community both sides learning a little more about each other and probably appreciating each other a little bit more into the bargain.
Top marks.

Adeje’s libraries giving eBooks a run for their money!



The number of people using Adeje’s public libraries is on the increase, with requests for materials from students rising by 30%, use of study rooms by 74% and requests for local Wi-Fi connections up by 375% over 2014.

According to the councillor with responsibility for he libraries, Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz, “since the opening of the Adeje-based Southern University Campus we have noticed the change in the numbers using the libraries. Take into account that we now have students in each of the four years of the tourism course that we offer in Adeje, that’s 150 third level students in classes here in the borough, not to mention the many other courses on offer from the council and of course the students from the primary and secondary schools in Adeje.


“Our intention is to continue to grow to meet the increasing demand of the users and continue to be the first-choice reference library network, meeting the needs of our new users as more university courses are opened in Adeje in the near future”.

The Adeje public libraries received 36,470 visits in 2015, with 82% of those to the main library in the town’s cultural centre, and the break-down shows a 50/50 split between male and female users, with 77% adults using the service. The councillor also noted that “while there has been a drop in the number of books out on loan given the proliferation of eBooks and new technologies, our statistics do show that a healthy number of people are borrowing, with 6,600 books lent last year”.


The Adeje library network has over 69,000 documents – books, audio-visual material, magazines, etc. – on offer to the public, with a growing foreign language section. Joining in relatively easy and it is an excellent free resource for all.

Its our heritage!

adeje-patrimonio nuestro  (2)
Primary and secondary school children from Adeje and Arona, San Miguel and La Laguna took part in a number of activities recently under the Adeje “El Patrimonio es Nuestro” (Its our heritage) programme.
Over eight hundred students in all visited a number of different emblematic sites in the borough, which aimed to show the younger generation the importance of cultural and historical heritage and – and with many of today’s students from a multi-cultural background, this introduction to their local heritage is very relevant indeed. There were talks on why its important to recognise and conserve local history and traditions, as well as the social, environmental and often economic benefits of such preservation.
The students visited the “Camino de la Virgen” walk from the town across the old mountain path to San Sebastain , the Convento de San Francisco, la Casa Fuerte (the town fort) and the Plaza España.

Travel Broadens the Mind!

adeje-proyecto comenius (2)

Adeje’s department of education is helping to fund student trips

The Adeje department of education, under councillor Andrés Pérez, say that about 300 students have benefited from financial assistance in travel and what is termed ‘social tourism’ as part of the academic cycle. This initiative, which has been ongoing for a number of years now, allows the council “work in conjunction with the borough’s education centres to help fund different trips which have stated social and educational objectives”, said the councillor.

To avail of this particular travel grant students have to be signed up on the Adeje ‘padron’ (residential register) for at least six months and currently studying in one of the borough’s public schools, among other conditions. Pérez says, “the help the council is happy to give to this kind of project is not a new initiative. We firmly believe in any assistance we can offer to our young people in getting to know other cultures, a branch of learning which is fundamental to their personal development”.

adeje-proyecto comenius (1)

The councillor added that “the young people who take part in these trips become mini-ambassadors for our borough, and we are hoping to see these kind of initiatives continue for the school-going population as they give young people a different view of the world in which we live”.

In parallel the Adeje department of education is also working in partnership with the AMPAS (the schools’ parents associations) to assist in transport costs, etc, where and when necessary.

This year students from all the borough’s primary schools – Adeje, Las Torres, Armeñime, Fañabe, Tijoco and Los Olivos – have been involved, as well as representatives from the secondary schools in Los Olivos and El Galeón. Places visited included Asturias, Lanzarote, La Palma, Italy and Barcelona.

The council has also cooperated with the Comenius programme which works to reinforce mobility within Europe and partnership between different education centres across the continent. During the last academic year students from the borough took part in Comenius-sponsored visits to Poland and Manchester.