Summer time, and the fires are burning!


Noche de San Juan is on June 23rd!

On the night of Sunday June 23rd people will be gathering in different venues all over Spain to celebrate the shortest night of the year, San Juan, traditionally seen as the night marking the beginning of summer and seasonal activities.

Bonfires and/or a midnight dip in the sea are seen as an essential part of the evening by many here. And as in previous years, the Adeje council have organised an event through the Costa Adeje Happy Streets department, with the Urb Playa Fañabe S.A. and Le Club Playa Fañabe, with a large bonfire and a wooden sculpture that will be burnt on the night. The party begins at 7.30pm and will include live music, with the fire expected to be lit at around 10pm.

If you want to host your own San Juan bonfire there are some controls in place. You will need to apply for permission using the form that can be downloaded from the Adeje webpage, and filled in and presented at the citizens’ bureau beside the Town Hall on the Calle Grande. If the bonfire is on private land an adult must sign a form stating they will abide by safety regulations, and this document may be asked for by police or other official persons.

Bonfires are forbidden in: Ravines, protected natural zones, areas close to homes. They are also not permitted in public spaces without proper authorisation. The construction of the bonfire should be in a zone that would permit easy access of the emergency services in the case of any problems and away from trees, electricity poles, cars, etc.

If the bonfire is to be in a public coastal area they will also need to apply for authorisation from the provincial coastal department, which can also be done via the council. The time frame for bonfires on the night of the 23rd is from 9pm – 2am.

Certain materials cannot be used in the bonfire, including materials that give off toxic fumes and/or contaminants, aerosols cans, plastics, tyres, fireworks. Those in charge must also ensure that the fire is completely extinguished when the event is over and use water/hoses to guarantee the fire is out. The area must also be cleaned up afterwards. If there is any unexpected dangerous outcome or the fire spreads out of control, phone 112 or the local police, 922 747 206/922 716 508.

All of the regulations are in place to guarantee that everyone can enjoy a safe ‘Noche de San Juan’, without harm or damage to you, other people or the environment.

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Swing out this summer….


Classical music, world rhythms and Latin Jazz are only some of the sounds that will make Adeje swing this summer

This summer music is making its mark in Adeje with a series of terrific concerts lined up for the coming month. All of these concerts are taking place in the open air, in Golf Costa Adeje.

Il Divo will perform on June 15th, for the first time in Tenerife, as part of their 15th Anniversary “Timeless” tour. Songs of love and romance through the ages will be on the menu. Tickets are on sale through

From June 18th to 22nd jazzy sounds will also dominate, with the International Festival of Latin Jazz, Clazz Continental Latin Jazz taking place, bringing together top class figures in the field as well as some new local vocal artists. Clazz Club is the biggest jazz organisation in Europe and this is their first time here in the Canaries, where they will play in Adeje and in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Tickets online,

‘Ritmos del Mundo’ will also tee-off in Golf Costa Adeje, on June 22nd from midday, with a terrific line-up of artists – Rosalía, Nic Fanciulli, Cruz Cafuné Apolionia, and lots more – tickets on sale now,

For the second summer in a row the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra will offer a classical music concert on July 19th, under the baton of Mexican conductor Iván López Reynoso, and tenors Celso Albelo and Javier Camarena. Tickets,


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Summer sounds in Costa Adeje

The musical event of the summer

There will be a fantastic outdoor summer concert in Golf Costa Adeje on July 13th.

The Tenerife Symphony Orchestra will play as the sun sets during the open-air musical treat, under the baton of Jader Bignamini, and sporano Davinia Rodríguez

Tickets are just €15 and on sale now :


Summertime bonfires

Celebrate San Juan on Fañabe beach!
Playa Fañabé is getting ready for the shortest night of the year! On June 23rd people will come to the beach to celebrate the night of the San Juan bonfires, which is traditionally seen as the night marking the beginning of summer and seasonal activities.
To celebrate the night the Adeje tourism department, under councillor Ermitas Moreira García, and the Happy Streets banner, are organising events on Fañabé beach. A specially designed and built wooden sculpture by Italian artist Luigi Stinga, will go up in flames, inviting all to ponder the fragility of life!
The celebrations will start at 7.30pm with live music and much more during the evening with the bonfires lit at 10pm.
If people want to hold their own bonfire celebrations they do need to apply for permission using the form that can be downloaded from the Adeje webpage,  and filled in and presented at the citizens’ bureau beside the Town Hall on the Calle Grande.   If the bonfire is to be in a public coastal area they will also need to apply for authorisation from the provincial coastal department, which can also be done via the council.
The council urges members of the public to take all the required safety precautions and collaborate with the authorities to avoid any problems, injury or damage to the environment.

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San Juan – bonfires and safety

Playa Fañabé is getting ready for the shortest night of the year!

Adeje Council is reminding people that they need permission from Costas or the Council to celebrate with bonfires
Playa Fañabé is getting ready to celebrate the shortest night of the year – June 23rd – when San Juan is celebrated, welcoming in the summer time with bonfires and traditions.

The Adeje department, under the direction of councillor, Ermitas Moreira García, and in partnership with Urb. Playa Fañabé S.A., the company who run this beach, is preparing the traditional bonfire and will burn a 5 metre sculpture created by Italian artist Luigi Stinga. The celebrations begin at 7.30pm and will include performances and live music and the bonfire will be lit after 10pm.

As well as this bonfire, and with the correct authorisation (which is from the Coastal department for beach bonfires), members of the public can also build their own bonfires. If the fires are not on beaches, permission must be sought from the Adeje council. The form you need to fill in can be downloaded online from the council page, and presented at the citizens’ advice office. There is no cost for this service, and you must include where the fire is to be built, and include a copy of your personal documentation.

The procedure is to guarantee the public’s safety and the council urges people to respect this rule and take all the appropriate security measures to ensure that the evening is one that is enjoyed by all.

Summer Specials For Over 60s




Older people took part in workshops and games in the company of children who were involved in parallel summer camps

This year the Adeje senior’s programme celebrated 15 years of fun and helpful summer activities for the older borough’s citizens.

According to the councillor in charge, Carmen Rosa González Cabrera, this summer was no different with a range of diverse activities taking place in the open air, and as in previous years the beaches of Adeje were the scene for many of the events which mixed fun with healthy activities as well as promoting Adeje’s harmonious co-existence among people of many different backgrounds, and even ages as older citizens mixed with some of the younger ones during the activities.

This was one of the novelties this year – the integration of people from different age groups and sectors of the local population. In conjunction with the ‘Activate Sonrisa’ (Activate Smile) project run by the department of economic development about 50 older people took part in workshops and games in the company of children who were involved in parallel summer camps.

For 15 consecutive years the Adeje seniors have been able to avail of a summer programme of events with the principal objective being, “benefits for those of a certain age through recreational and healthy activities”, says Carmen Rosa González. Two days every week during the summer months the group enjoyed swimming, games on the sand, walking, gymnastics adapted to ability and age, “leading, in general, to an overall improvement in the quality of life of our senior citizens”, she added.

To facilitate maximum participation a bus was used to go around the borough collecting those older citizens taking part who might not have individual and bringing them home afterwards. In the majority of cases the events took place in parts of Costa Adeje allowing people to enjoy the best beaches in the borough, most of them flying blue flags for excellence.

To mark the end of the summer programme a Hawaiian party was held with a ‘Miss and Mister Summer fashion parade for participants, followed by lunch and beach bingo. A great end to another great summer.

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Get Up, Get Out, Get Summer

puntito de verano

For the month of July young people in Adeje have a wealth of interesting ways to pass the time and get out of the house!
If you are aged 12 to 15 years of age you can take part in different sporting events under the El Puntito project, organised by the Adeje Casa de la Juventud/Youth Centre. Activities fall under a number of different categories – educational, recreational, language, workshops, excursions, courses in social networking, workshops in cooking, crafts, surfing, a camp in Buenavista del Norte, sailing school, and a visit to the marine classroom in El Puertito.
According to councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera the list of activities offers summer alternatives for the young people and a healthy and safe alternative, “with the safety and care of those taking part guaranteed”. He added, “the programme we have designed brings together various elements, not just recreational, as we understand that its also an ideal way to use the time to reinforce other tools, such as language”.
Anyone interested in taking part should contact the Adeje youth centre to find out more about the courses and costs and details of registration.
El programa a realizar es muy variado, desde el primer y hasta el último día, habrá diferentes alternativas a realizar: talleres de inglés, redes sociales, pulseras, cupcake, surf, recorrido por el casco histórico, campamento en Buenavista del Norte, excursión al Siam Park, escuela de vela en Playa San Juan, charla y visita al aula marina en El Puertito y a la playa La Pinta.

Tourism and Sport


A different kind of holiday

During the last week of July as part of the XXII Adeje Summer University there will be a course on Tourism and Sport (in Spanish), looking at an alternative tourism offer. The course will be directed by Miguel Ángel Santa Turegano, a professor at the University of La Laguna. The classes will be held in the Summer University Campus, in Adeje’s Cultural Centre.

This course will last for 20 hours and offers two mixed (CLE and ECTS) credits. It will have a practical side and be applicable in a tourist destination such as Adeje. The evaluation will also see how participants can rethink the tourist offer given what they have learnt.

During the week students will have access to different essential elements to understand the new realities within the tourism offer. They will be working to clarify the relationship between leisure and sport in modern societies and the relevance of the growing demand for sports tourism. The course will also look at how this growing form of tourism is winning fans, alongside the other new form of holidaymaking, eco-tourism.

The course conclusions will be reached at through a round-table format where all of the week’s content will be discussed and debated.

Those interested in signing up for the course can get more information at or via the Adeje Cultural Centre, Calle Príncipe Pelinor, S/N 38670 – Adeje, Tel: 922 756 246 or at the University of La Laguna, Vicerrectorado de Relaciones Universidad y Sociedad Calle Viana, 50 – San Cristóbal de La Laguna Tel: 922 319 616