Benefits for bigger families


A ‘familia númerosa’ is generally considered one with two parents and three children
Families with five or more members will now be able to avail of reduced property taxes of between 40 – 90%. Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga said the measure had been approved at council level and would go towards helping families. “Our borough is constantly advancing and we are working in different areas to improve the lives for the betterment of society”.

Those who wish to apply for the reductions have until February 29th to do so in the local tax (Hacienda office) or the Citizens Advice office in the front office of the Town Hall. The reductions will be applicable on homes that are used for residential purposed by the family (the family home in other words) and the owner and parent of the family is the taxable person, and she/he is on the Adeje residents’ register as are the rest of the family. All local taxes on the home must be up-to-date as well.

The percentage of the reduction to be granted will depend on the rateable valuation (‘valor catastral’ in your property papers) in 2016. “Zones that are valued higher than €120,000 won’t be included in this rate reduction, (this does not mean the value of your house but the rateable valuation) but overall there has been a 23% reduction all valuations so more people will be able to benefit from these reductions”, added the councillor responsible for local taxes, Epifanio Díaz Hernández.

The person in whose name the application for the reduction in made must not have more than two houses in the borough in his/her name. The rateable valuations must be individual and rates should be paid by through bank transfers.

Residences with a rateable valuation of up to 50.000 euros, will be in line for a 80% (90% if there are ‘special category) reduction, those valued between 50.001 and 80.000 euros will be able to apply for a 60% reduction (70% if there are ‘special category) and homes with a rateable valuation of between 80.001 and 120.000 euros will be 40 and 50%, respectively.

(There are different groups of ‘familias numerosas’ – for instance a single parent with two children should also qualify – so check with the local tax office.)

Taxing times

From today, April 2nd, people will start receiving SMS texts from Hacienda if they are already registered for tax.  The text will give you a reference number and with it you can enter the AEAT page (you can change the page to English, see the top right hand corner for language options) and check your provisional tax declaration. If all is in order you can accept the ‘borrador’ or draft declaration and if money is owed it will be paid into your account within a month or two.

However do read through the draft and be aware of any changes in your own tax status that might require modifications.

I am planning to speak to someone in English on the matter in tomorrow’s English Time,  on Radio Sur Adeje at 1pm, to guide us through the tax maze!

Tax declarations can be made from today (Photo: Stefan Gustafsson)

Tax declarations can be made from today (Photo: Stefan Gustafsson)

If you have any particular questions post them here and I will bring them up during the programme.