Back to school (at last!)

Adeje council, through the departments of Education, Works, and Social Services (headed by Adolfo Alonso Ferrera and Esther Rivero Vargas) has been busy during the summer months, and last week the two councillors visited the boroughs’ six public schools to view for themselves the reformation work that has been carried out in each centre.

“With the improvements we are not simply meeting the needs of our education centres, but working to improve student safety in school and upgrading classrooms and recreation zones”, said the councillors.

All of the six primary public schools have been painted, damp treated, tiles and lights replaced.  The work has also seen an improvement in playgrounds, toilets, including better conditions for those students with mobility issues, and where relevant, work on school farms has also been completed.


The cost of the work is in the region of €80 thousand and further work is on the cards during the Christmas holidays in December.  The councillors said that being able to schedule work twice a year means the council can attend to school needs in a more efficient manner.

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Regional approval for modernisation plans

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The regional territorial council has approved a number of plans under the PMMI, the plan for improvements and growth which could see upgrades to zones in Callao Salvaje, Playa Paraíso and La Caleta in the near future. According to the Adeje councillor in charge of urban development, José María Álvarez Acosta the plans would be part of a regeneration of tourist areas and establishments in the borough.

“The plan opens up the door to a range of possibilities to ensure that the borough of Adeje continues to be a competitive destination, both from a tourism point of view as well as from the business development viewpoint. The full document will give Adeje room to develop and act which is a step forward and will benefit everyone in the borough”, he said.

The plan addresses “projects covering public and private spaces in terms of improvements that will energise the tourist centre along the lines of the overall territorial plan”. Among the potential projects that the plan could see activated are the creation of a new maritime pathway along La Enramada in La Caleta, improvements to the access path by Las Salinas in Playa Paraíso and the creation of a proper pathway along the Callao Salvaje coastline. There is also approval for street upgrades to Calle La Lava in Callao Salvaje, and improvements to the pedestrian area by the Ajabo beach and the link between Callao Salvaje and Playa Paraíso.

There is mention of improvements and changes to certain sections of Calle Las Artes in La Caleta and Calle El Jable in Callao Salvaje and finally the plan has approved the project to build a road connecting the Iboibo sector with the village of Callao Salvaje.