The “Sacrificio de Isaac” tapestry joins the Adeje heritage family

The 18th century tapestry is now hanging in the Santa Úrsula Mártir

The presbytery of the Santa Úrsula Mártir Adeje parish church now houses a new tapestry, the 18th “Sacrificio de Isaac”. This is been restored and re-joins the Adeje heritage family as part of a collaborative plan with the Tenerife Cabildo and the Bishopric, the actual overseer of the parish of Santa Úrsula.

The tapestry is part of three examples of this kind of work that have survived the ravages of time. The series is comprised of this one, as well as “Moisés revelando la Ley de Dios al pueblo de Israel” (Moses revealing God’s law to the people of Israel) and “La Visitación de la Virgen a Santa Isabel” (the visitation of Our Lady to St Elizabeth). These other two are currently being restored and will be on display over the next two years.

The restoration of “Sacrificio de Isaac” was carried out by a team of professionals led by Rubén Sánchez López.


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