The ‘Virgen de la Encarnación’ Rogation is on Sunday


This Sunday, May 5th, the traditional rogation with the Adeje patron, the Virgin de la Encarnación, takes place, fulfilling a promise made by the people of Adeje over 300 years ago, when, according to the religious history of the borough, she saved the people from a plague of locusts.

The tradition of the rogation has been in place in Adeje since the 16th Century, under the Marquis of Adeje, Pedro de Ponte, who brought the statue of the Virgin to the Santa Ursula church to protect her from pirates and brigands attacking the coastal areas of the island. Local people were not too happy with the decision, so a promise was made to bring her back to La Caleta every year, specifically to La Enramada where she was first ‘discovered’.

The procession will begin at 9am from the Santa Ursula church in Adeje town, and people should wear walking shoes, bring water, fruit, sun hats and bring sun cream.

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