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Organisers say Adeje offers a “wide selection of attractive locations which are hard to resist”

Adeje is the chosen location for an important scientific conference this weekend, which will see 300 experts in the field of nitrogen fixation from over 40 countries deliver and listen to 50 scientific talks and view 200 poster presentations. The main language of the conference will be English.

The 11th ENFC, in the Hotel Dream Gran Tacande, Costa Adeje, will start with a satellite meeting on “Genomics of Nitrogen-Fixing Microorganisms” followed by a keynote lecture. The opening key note address will be given by Ray Dixon of the John Innes Centre, UK and the closing address by Hauke Hennecke, from the Institute of Microbiology ETH Zürich, Switzerland.

Adeje council was glad to offer advice and back-up to the conference organisers. The inaugural act of this important international conference will be held at 5pm on September 7th with the Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga as well as representatives of the Cabildo, the University of La Laguna and the regional government.

According to the ENFC brochure, “these events will provide unique platforms to share and discuss the latest scientific news on nitrogen fixation and the molecular interaction between plants and symbiotic microorganisms.” And while the conference theme might be for the experts, on a general level it is good news for Adeje as it boosts the destination as an ideal conference as well as holiday destination.

According to one definition, “Nitrogen fixation is a process in which nitrogen in the atmosphere is converted into ammonium. Atmospheric nitrogen or molecular nitrogen is relatively inert: it does not easily react with other chemicals to form new compounds. The fixation process frees up the nitrogen atoms from their diatomic to be used in other ways.” Biological Nitrogen Fixation has enormous agronomical importance and its application in sustainable agricultural practises is widely recognised. Recently interest and funding in this field have been given a boost as illustrated by the financial support from the European Research Council and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Researchers from a number of laboratories funded by these organisations will present their results at this meeting. The organisers say, “this is a very exciting and flourishing area of research and we expect some major breakthroughs to be presented”.

The conference is held bi-annually, and organisers say they chose Adeje and Tenerife, because of the “wide selection of attractive locations which are hard to resist. The best and most modern conference centres, a vast network of hotel infrastructures, the highest quality technical and professional help and the best climate in Europe, especially suitable for outdoor activities, make up the extraordinary services at hand.” Participants will be given information about the destination, enjoy a performance by the Adeje municipal folklore group and at be treated to delicious samples of the some local produce such as honey, cheeses, wine and gofio during evening events.








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