As a result of ongoing roadworks being carried out by the Cabldo, part of the TF-82, by the Los Menores bridge beyond Las Rosas, will close today, August 31st and tomorrow, September 1st.

The closure will affect the following roads: From km 43 (link to Vera de Erques), to km 48.5 (link to the TF-1) on the days mentioned. There will be a provisional diversion via the TF-1, km 48.5 (Los Menores), although residents will have allowed access from the bridge zone. At km 43 the diversion will be via the TF-465 to the TF-1. There will be signposts advising drivers of the diversions.

Drivers and residents are asked to co-operate and take notice of all the diversions.

For more information contact the Cabildo roads division, 900 210 131.


  1. This is the second total closure to this major highway in a month.

    This prevents access for local residents, and destroys bus services.
    But more vitally places homes and people in dangers as fire and emergency services have to rapid access to Los Menores, and other locations.

    Surely repairs can be made to one side of the road at a time allowing passage for vehicles whilst work is carried out.

    A major planning cock up for the second time in 30 days or so.

    Shame on anybody in Adeje highways an planning for allowing this comedy to be carried out.

    David Jeffreys. Los Menores Resident.

    • While we appreciate the annoyance caused, as you will see from the opening line of the article, these are ‘Cabildo roadworks’. All we can do here in the Adeje Town Hall is pass on the relevant information we are given as soon as we receive it.

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