Urgent traffic measures needed


CEST, the business network for South Tenerife, public and private administrations, presented a manifesto  demanding action on the traffic problems the south is suffering on a daily basis.

The manifesto was signed this morning by the mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, and representatives from Arona, Fasnia, Santiago del Teide, Vilaflor and Guía de Isora as wel as 24 companies involved in tourism and other related commercial sectors.

The manifesto calls for the authorities regionally to act now to resolve the issue of traffic build up experience daily by commuters. It also underlines the need to improve mobility between tourism zones and residential areas both motorway and access roads, with short term solutions that can ease traffic jams now and long term sustainable plans.

Calls include:
A third lane on the TF-1 from Las Américas to Armeñime
An urgent decision on works on the San Isidro and Playa de las Américas links
That the new link to Los Cristianos would include a third lane and this work should be given priority status
A solution to the TF-47 issue in Alcalá
Finish the ring road


2 thoughts on “Urgent traffic measures needed

  1. Thank you to consult us!!!!
    It is highly appreciated!
    I am living in Playa Paraiso.
    No parking….so cars are turning and turning around…aggravated traffic jam, noise,pollution….

    Hard rock hotel created their daily delivery acces right on the avenue within the village…just next to the bus station…Trucks are lining up there every morning with the running motor on… blocking the circulation…the free passage on the sidewalk….the bus possibility to stop properly and pick up passengers who are in danger to be injured by driving backwards manoeuvring trucks…It is like hell in front of a 5 stars hotel…..
    People sitting on the terrasses benefit of this excess of diesel free distribution…motors of truck elevated noise and nervous drivers’energy daily blocked in the traffic jam….

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