Early detection is the key

Colon cancer detection campaign

This morning the Adeje department of health protection published details of a free colon cancer screening programme that is happening on April 5th and 6th. According to the local councillor for health, Amada Trujillo Bencomo, “we want to make the public aware of this cancer, one of the more common in our country, with over 34 thousand cases diagnosed annually, affecting men and women equally. It is really important to carry out occasional checks as this kind of cancer can grow with few obvious symptoms. A simple test of a stool sample can, however, prevent the evolution of the disease. If caught in time this cancer can be cured in 90% of cases”.

Hospiten Sur and the Spanish Cancer Association are spearheading the campaign offer free testing. All the public need to do is request an appointment (phone 922 750022) on either April 5th or 6th and turn up with a sample.

During the morning the Adeje council ran an information table on this form of cancer explaining how the test is carried out. It is particularly recommended for people over 50 years of age who are in a risk category and those who have a family history of this kind of cancer. Colonic cancer is the third most common in men, after prostrate and lung cancers, and second most common in women after breast cancer.

The most common symptoms that can signal the appearance of this cancer include changes in intestinal behaviour, unexplained weight loss, anaemia, abdominal pain among others. There are many different tests available, depending on the age and medical condition of the patient, however usually a stool sample is detected for traces of blood, and if positive a colonoscopy is ordered.

Prevention is helped through diet, foods rich in fibre and low in saturated fats and animal proteins. People should also drink 2 litres of water a day, avoid refined sugars, avoid smoking, drink in moderate amounts and eat their meals at regular hours. Daily exercise and get enough hours sleep every night is also recommended.


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Giving something back!

Earlier this week the Irish community in Tenerife handed over a cheque for €1,285 to the Adeje based Asociación San Juan.  The money was raised during the annual Gala St Patrick’s dinner . Councillor for institutional relations Zebenzui Chinea Linares  said “this is more than a gesture, it is a symbol too of how our many cultures and communities live and work together in respect and mutual harmony.  The Irish community wanted to give something back to the Adeje community and the Asociación San Juan, a non-government group working with special needs individuals, were delighted to be the recipient”.

In the photo: Councillor Zebenzui Chinea Linares, Noelle Corridan, Irish Community, Fidel Ortega and Ana Onieda,  Asociacion San Juan

8 new pharmacies in Adeje

The borough now has 21 shops licenced by the Canarian Health Service

The borough of Adeje has experienced huge population growth in recent years, and one sign is the increase in the number of pharmacies licenced by the Canarian Health Service operating in the borough, with 21 throughout Adeje currently serving the public.

According to the Adeje councillor for health protection, Amada Trujilllo Bencomo “opening the new pharmacies was most definitely a necessity given the growth in the local population, not to mention the need to provide a service for the huge numbers who visit Adeje and may also need a pharmacy during their stay”.

The pharmacies are located throughout Adeje, from Tijoco Bajo, the centre Adeje, Las Torres, San Eugenio, Fañabé, Costa Adeje, Fañabé, the Plaza del Duque, Fañabe and Oasis comercial centres, San Eugenio Los Olivos, Playa de Las Américas, Armeñime, Miraverde and Callao Salvaje.

As a whole on the island of Tenerife there are over 60 pharmacies, and Adeje and Arona have the greatest proportion of those given the density of the local population. With the awarding of these 8 new licences the current round of allocations has now closed.

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Charity begins at home!

Donation by children from 6th class, Las Torres, CEIP

The 6th class students from CEIP Las Torres recently called into the Adeje food bank centre to hand over a large donation of food and hygienic products . The class are taking part in the Tincer II Solidarity Olympics which asks participating schools to make a solidarity donation in the borough they live.

The Adeje councillor for social welfare, Isabel Fernández González, was delighted to accept the donation and told the children it would be very welcome and given to those most in need.

“This group of young people have worked on this marvellous initiative and their willingness to show concern for other people is to be congratulated. We are delighted to see this centre, and the other schools in Adeje, teaching values such as solidarity as a primary axis in developing ideas and actions. On behalf of the council I thank them and invite everyone to work on these kind of initiatives that help improve the lives of all our people.”

The councillor presented a special certificate to the students thanking them for their donation and congratulating them on their positive thinking.


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Switch off on Saturday!


On Saturday March 24th Adeje council will turn off most of the borough’s municipal lighting on buildings from 8.30pm to 9.30pm, as part of Earth Hour, an event hosted by the WWF and now celebrated all over the world annually.

“Here in Adeje we are taking part in this global symbolic gesture against climate change and for the care of our environment. Our commitment to our planet is strong, and here, in the borough, we have been changing over the lighting on our street lamps to more sustainable bulbs, and increasing the number of public green zones, thus contributing to the improvement in air quality” explained Adeje councillor for the environment Esther Rivero Vargas.

Earth Hour began in 2007, and Adeje signed up in 2012 and have taken part annually ever since then. The councillor says, “Every little bit helps, and if millions of people make small changes we can build a future based on clean energies for the benefit of the planet.”

During the hour in question the lights along the Fañabe beach will be turned off as will those lighting up the Casa Fuerte, the exteriors of municipal sports centres, cultural centres, the main Town Hall, the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA) and other public buildings. In parks, along some tourist zones, and in the Plaza de España, lighting will be reduced.

The WWF Earth Hour is now marked in over seven thousands towns and cities and the Adeje council are inviting residents to take part in the initiative too.




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Adeje ‘proclaims’ the beginning of Easter Week.


Over 200 people attended the official proclamation of the start of Easter Week in Adeje yesterday in the Convento de San Francisco. Two addresses were made, representing two important facets of the borough, one by Fr. Ismael Martín and the other by the director general of GF Hotels, María Victoria López.

Fr Martín, who was the parish priest in the town during the 1990s, is remembered with immense fondness by thousands of parishioners, saying mass, playing the guitar, and residents were delighted that he was invited to address them on this occasion. María Victoria López is a well-respected businessperson, someone who has paved the way for other women to advance in the tourism industry locally and beyond.

Ismael Martín spoke of the significance of Easter Week, referring to love, faith, belief and truth, and remembering with great affection his years in the Adeje parish and the many thousands of friends he made. Victoria López centred her presentation on the links between tourism, faith, religion and history in a borough such as Adeje. “Tourism and traditions do exist side by side” she said, and encouraged businesses to “adopt plans and strategies in sustainable tourism and which take account of our historical heritage and culture so that our visitors can enjoy local customs and events, such as Easter Week in Adeje”.

Also taking part were the Adeje Municipal Patron Band accompanied by sopranos María Candelaria González and Margarita Díaz, tenor Jorge Cordero and baritone Borja M. Molina. The evening also marked the opening of the exhibition, “Devoción y patrimonio: Instantáneas de la Pasión y Semana Santa de Adeje” (Devotion and history. Moments from the Good Friday Passion Play and Easter Week in Adeje).

The Adeje mayor presented the full Easter Week programme which includes some new events, including the Children’s Procession on Saturday March 24th at 5pm from Los Olivos to the Santa Úrsula church and invited all the children of the borough to take part. The town also has a new statue this year, Ntra. Sra. del Consuelo, which was blessed on Friday March 16th and will take part in a number of processions during Easter Week. The mayor said he hoped the new additions to the Easter Week calendar would help strengthen the town’s traditions and ensure that the next generation of Adeje’s residents would continue to respect and feel involved in what was important to the borough. He added, “Easter Week transcends religion, it is also something that enriches us and our attraction as a place to visit, promoting Adeje as a borough that respects universal beauty and spirituality”.

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