José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga re-elected mayor of Adeje


“I accept the position with great hope for the borough and responsibility for the work we will undertake over the next four years”

José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga has been re-elected mayor of Adeje following the constitution of the new Adeje council. The socialist candidate for the top position received 14 votes, an overall majority.

The new council has 14 socialist members, four from the Coalición Canarias, two from Unidas Podemos-IU, and one from the Partido Popular. All 21 were present to take office on Saturday in a ceremony held in the Convento de San Francisco in front of over 100 members of the Adeje public.

Addressing the assembly once he had been re-elected, the mayor said he was committed to the promise made during the election campaign to “continue the project of social harmony and a prosperous future for the borough”. He said the vote they had received from the local electorate “was both an honour and a challenge, and we cannot let you down This town deserves the best and we will strive to give that and this will be a challenge we will all accept”, adding that they would also work to give the borough the kind of council they deserved.

Rodríguez Fraga extended a wish for success in their endeavours to all 20 elected councillors, adding that “your success signifies success for the borough…Adeje has come a long way in recent years, we have many important achievements under our belts, but we have to continue to work to generate wealth for the borough and its people, to create situations that benefit our people in their search for prosperity, to continue to fight for equality, to create a borough that benefits our young people, our retirees, those who are suffering economic deprivation…these projects are our responsibility.” The mayor said that from Monday the new council would be working hard along the lines laid out, in the service of all the people of Adeje.

The constitution of the new council began with the reading of the official act by the secretary of the council, Hector Gallego. Three municipal political groups were constituted – the socialists, the Coalición Canarias and the mixed group (two councillors from the Podemos-IU and one from the Partido Popular). Each newly elected councillor was then invited to take their oath of office, either on a bible or the constitution.

The members of the newly elected council are: POSO (Socialists) José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, Manuel Luis Méndez Martín, Amada Trujillo Bencomo, Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, Ermitas Moreira García, Epifanio Díaz Hernández, Esther Rivero Vargas, Desiderio Afonso Ruiz, Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro and José Antonio López Delgado, CC (Coalición Canaria) Oliver Tacoronte Ramos, Patricia León Pérez, Antonio Melián Álvarez and Diana Ariza Rodríguez. PODEMOS-IU Gabriel González Fernández and Eva Bos Delgado, PP (Partido Popular) Partido Popular: Inés Vera Goya.


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Putting people first!

Free vacations for cancer sufferers from the Atlantic Holiday Hotel

For the third year in a row the Atlantic Holiday Hotel in Callao Salvaje are opening their doors to people from Adeje with cancer, and their families.  This week they donated 12 all-inclusive holidays to people who are currently undergoing oncological treatment, and who live in Adeje.

Councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo, who has been in charge of the department of health promotion in the borough, underlined the on-going work of the hotel in this regard, and added, “initiatives such as this one show that one of the successes of our tourism sector is that people come first, thanks to businesses such as this and business people such as Charlotte Abildtrup, director of the hotel, who have shown their total commitment to the project.

Carlotte said, “We want to help these people and their families, giving them a week where they can rest and escape from the stress their cancer is causing.  We know that these are fighters and that day after day they are overcoming so many difficulties, which is why we are delighted to be able to welcome 12 families into our hotel during the summer months, offering them a week where they can relax and enjoy the best we have to offer”.

The Atlantic Holiday Hotel has large holiday apartments, salt and fresh water pools, playgrounds, tennis courts, a park, a gym, restaurants, and a first class service.

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Summer time, and the fires are burning!


Noche de San Juan is on June 23rd!

On the night of Sunday June 23rd people will be gathering in different venues all over Spain to celebrate the shortest night of the year, San Juan, traditionally seen as the night marking the beginning of summer and seasonal activities.

Bonfires and/or a midnight dip in the sea are seen as an essential part of the evening by many here. And as in previous years, the Adeje council have organised an event through the Costa Adeje Happy Streets department, with the Urb Playa Fañabe S.A. and Le Club Playa Fañabe, with a large bonfire and a wooden sculpture that will be burnt on the night. The party begins at 7.30pm and will include live music, with the fire expected to be lit at around 10pm.

If you want to host your own San Juan bonfire there are some controls in place. You will need to apply for permission using the form that can be downloaded from the Adeje webpage, and filled in and presented at the citizens’ bureau beside the Town Hall on the Calle Grande. If the bonfire is on private land an adult must sign a form stating they will abide by safety regulations, and this document may be asked for by police or other official persons.

Bonfires are forbidden in: Ravines, protected natural zones, areas close to homes. They are also not permitted in public spaces without proper authorisation. The construction of the bonfire should be in a zone that would permit easy access of the emergency services in the case of any problems and away from trees, electricity poles, cars, etc.

If the bonfire is to be in a public coastal area they will also need to apply for authorisation from the provincial coastal department, which can also be done via the council. The time frame for bonfires on the night of the 23rd is from 9pm – 2am.

Certain materials cannot be used in the bonfire, including materials that give off toxic fumes and/or contaminants, aerosols cans, plastics, tyres, fireworks. Those in charge must also ensure that the fire is completely extinguished when the event is over and use water/hoses to guarantee the fire is out. The area must also be cleaned up afterwards. If there is any unexpected dangerous outcome or the fire spreads out of control, phone 112 or the local police, 922 747 206/922 716 508.

All of the regulations are in place to guarantee that everyone can enjoy a safe ‘Noche de San Juan’, without harm or damage to you, other people or the environment.

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National swim meet in Adeje

Adeje is hosting the Spanish Club Adapted Swimming Championship, Fundación Disa, this weekend: Points will be relevant for the Worlds in London

This weekend Adeje will host the 2019 Spanish championships for Adapted Swimming Clubs, Fundación DISA At a press release to announce details, José Luis Guadalupe, representing the FEDDI, the Spanish federation for sports for persons with intellectual challenges, said the competition would take place on Saturday June 15th and Sunday June 16th in Tenerife Top Training T3, Costa
Adeje. He said, “This is a very important meet as it is the last chance athletes have to earn points to qualify for the world championships in London and the Tokyo Olympics”.

Sara Mateos, Fundación DISA director was also present, and said that “adapted sports were an important tool in working towards inclusion”, and Adeje’s sport’s co-ordinator Pablo Caneiro, said that “local institutions need to be facilitators for the development of these kinds of events, sports that the general public might not generally otherwise be made aware off.”

Ricardo Yébenes, B-Swim, event organiser, spoke of the “transformative social work that can be done through sport”. He added that one element that stood out in the organisation of this event was “the perfect synchronisation between the organisation and other entities involved”. Virgilio Febles, from local club Midayu, said he was delighted to see this kind of competition in Tenerife and referred to the on-going fight to bring entities and businesses on board, “and we are proud to have been successful here”, in that regard. He also thanked all the swimmers who had “travelled form all corners of the country, as without them this competition wouldn’t be possible.

Finally, Gregor Zielhardt, director of Tenerife Top Training, said it was a huge honour to be hosting the event. He said that one of the T3’s strong points was swim training. “Every year we have top swim teams from all over Europe including adapted swimmers”.

232 swimmers from 66 clubs will be taking part. The competition is organised and designed to give all the swimmers equality of challenge in competition to guarantee the equity of results. Many of those taking part will be looking for points to help them qualify for the next World Adapted Swimming championships in London.



Taucho Ethnographic days, June 21/22

The annual Taucho ethnographic days are working to rescue and celebrate the local heritage, during the celebrations of the ‘Virgen de Coromoto’. The sucess of the annual event is down to the work of a local team made up of residents of the area and Town Hall staff .  The event is now in it’s 9th year.  


Friday June 21st

El Almácigo Cultural Centre

8pm: Institutional event.  Conference on the history and tradition of Taucho and La Quinta, with Carmen Rosa Pérez Barrio, a doctor of history.

Showing of documentary, ‘Fiestas y Tradición. Taucho-La Quinta 400 años’

Homage and recognition of all of those who have contributed to the evolution of the local fiestas

Saturday June 22nd

Photographic exhibition of 400 years of fiestas and tradition

11am: Depart from Taucho to La Quinta

11am: Farm animal exhibition

12 noon: Sung mass in La Quinta, with Santa Ana group

12.30pm Photographers

1pm: Music and dance

2pm: Depart for Taucho along the streets of the village, with music and song

2.30pm: Taucho, fiestas

Representations and scenes in the streets of Taucho with A.C. Imoque and the residents of Taucho

Opening of local bars, music and dance

Display of Canarian wrestling

6pm: Presentation of documents from the Adeje archive, photographs of fiestas gone by

6.30pm Inauguration of an ‘allegorical’ mural in the Taucho plaza

7pm – midnight, Dance in the Taucho place with Toke Latino.

Ice and a slice

XIV Costa Adeje Cocktail Competition –

This competition is a classifying event for the National Cocktail Championships, to be held in Navarra.
When: June 21st
Time: From 4pm
Where: CDTCA – the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre

The Adeje council’s departments of tourism and economic development, with the ABT (Tenerife Barman Association) and FABE (the Federation of Spanish Barmen Associations) are hosting the XIV Costa Adeje Cocktail competition being held in the CDTCA – the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre on June 21st from 4pm. The winners will also go on to represent the region in the nationals in Pamplona, Navarra, in November. “These events give added value to our tourism offer and are of great interest”, commented the council representatives, “they encourage professionals in the sector to enter and earn national and international recognition.”
According to ABT president David Arrebola García, “this competition has become the most prestigious of its kind in the sector in the Canaries and gives us recognition nationally”.

Entry to the event is free. There will be three competitions during the afternoon. The Gin-Tonic test, sponsored by Schweppes, the Classic Cocktail, Long Drink category and the Flair Barman/Acrobatics, Long Drink category. The last two will send winners to the nationals.


More than a drop in the ocean!


New technologies has allowed the council and Entemanser to install remote metres which will allow for improved management of supply and problem-solving


The Adeje council has published details of a new telematic meter reading system which will allow for remote readings of individual water meters of clients of the local water service. Council representatives Carmen Rosa Gonzalez and Esther Rivero Vargas went to see the system in operation in the control centre of the town’s system management accompanied by Emilio Fernández from Aqualia, and Daniel Blanco and head of services for Entemanser for Adeje, Pedro Antonio Gómez.

There has been a pilot project phase in operation in El Puertito which has allowed the company help clients control consumption, improve the service, detect leaks, and save on energy costs. There is no additional cost to the client, 50 of whom are already seeing the benefits.

The next phase will probably see the new meters installed in El Galeón or Armeñime later on this year. Major consumers such as hotels and complexes will also see the new system installed over time, with advanced options and maximum precision. The new service will mean, said Pedro Antonio Gómez, “that we can meet the needs of consumers 365 days a year”. They hope to be using the new system to control 55% of water usage.

The objective is also to gather more information from and about water users, which will in turn assist in improving the service, without having to go to each meter, “eliminating potential human error as well”, commented Daniel Blanco. The new technology installed will allow clients see their hourly water consumption levels, receive alerts if there are leaks, or if someone if illegally trying to access their water network. Via the Aqualia Contact they will be able to receive a daily usage update.


For more information:
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Swing out this summer….


Classical music, world rhythms and Latin Jazz are only some of the sounds that will make Adeje swing this summer

This summer music is making its mark in Adeje with a series of terrific concerts lined up for the coming month. All of these concerts are taking place in the open air, in Golf Costa Adeje.

Il Divo will perform on June 15th, for the first time in Tenerife, as part of their 15th Anniversary “Timeless” tour. Songs of love and romance through the ages will be on the menu. Tickets are on sale through

From June 18th to 22nd jazzy sounds will also dominate, with the International Festival of Latin Jazz, Clazz Continental Latin Jazz taking place, bringing together top class figures in the field as well as some new local vocal artists. Clazz Club is the biggest jazz organisation in Europe and this is their first time here in the Canaries, where they will play in Adeje and in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Tickets online,

‘Ritmos del Mundo’ will also tee-off in Golf Costa Adeje, on June 22nd from midday, with a terrific line-up of artists – Rosalía, Nic Fanciulli, Cruz Cafuné Apolionia, and lots more – tickets on sale now,

For the second summer in a row the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra will offer a classical music concert on July 19th, under the baton of Mexican conductor Iván López Reynoso, and tenors Celso Albelo and Javier Camarena. Tickets,


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VI Imoque Festival in San Sebastián


The festival is taking place next Saturday, June 8th, from midday

The Imoque Cultual Association is organising their 6th annual festival, which is taking place this Saturday, June 8th, in the Plaza San Sebastian in La Caleta, from midday. The aim of the festival is to underline the importance of Adeje’s cultural traits and traditions. This is an event that has consolidated the collective Adeje memory in a way that brings a modern public together annually.

The Imoque Cultural Association works hard to maintain and recover many of our older skills and traditions of yesteryear, memories that have formed part of the borough’s ethnographic archive, working to keep alive processes and traits that are lost or are on the point of disappearing.

During the day there will be a myriad of things to do and see, including a craft fair, tasting of local produce, a demonstration of ‘salto del pastor’ (the shepherd’s leap), Gomeran music, folkore of La Graciosa, Canarian wrestling, an exhibition of different breeds of dogs, and lots more.

The festival is open to the public with musical performances scheduled from ‘Parranda los Toledo’ and the Imoque Cultural Association.

The Imoque Cultural Association is supported by the Adeje council, who are dedicated to activities and groups dedicated to the rescue and preservation of local heritage and traditions.

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Los Menores, 5 June 2019

Due to road upgrades taking place along the TF-82, in particular the part linking Las Vetitas and Los Menores, the Tenerife Cabildo has said there will be some road closures by Los Menores tomorrow, Wednesday, from 8am until about 2pm.
Drivers will be redirected via the TF-1 with temporary road signs erected indicating the diversions in place.