Canarian director for Emergencies and Security in Adeje visit

The Canarian government’s director for Emergencies and Security, Nazaret Díaz Santos, paid a visit to the Adeje School for security and social harmony recently to confirm a number of covenants with the Adeje Council as well as getting to know this borough installation which plays a key role in local security.

During the meeting with the councillor for institutional relations and youth,
Zebenzui Chinea Linares, the resources Adeje has were outlined as well as a number of projects that are on-going during 2017.

The visit also served to reinforce the working relationship between the two administrations in an area of direct concern and benefit for residents and visitors.

Reclaiming from the banks…



Adeje council, through the OMIC (the municipal consumers office), can supply members of the public with a standard letter form to initiate the reclamation process if agreement hasn’t been reached

Adeje council, through the municipal consumers office under the auspices of the department of health, (Councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo), in collaboration with the financial consumers organisation ADICAE, held an information event on Wednesday for members of the public affected by mortgage floor clauses and related matters.

The event was organised following a series of judgements on the matter by both the Spanish supreme court and the European courts, who have deemed that, in principal, banks must return excess interest that may have been charged to mortgage holders who had a ‘floor clause’ in their mortgage, in effect limiting the amount interest payments could drop, regardless of the Euribor (the Euro Interbank Interbank Offered Rate). In principal the courts have ruled that where the clause was non-transparent, the consumers have the right to money back.


The Adeje council, through OMIC, are preparing standard forms that members of the public can use in initiating a claim with their banks if no adequate offer has been made under the Royal Decree, Real Decreto Ley 1/2017. This decree sets out the means by which members of the public should be able to reclaim monies due. The banks and lending institutions affected have been given a month by the authorities to set in place the machinery for processing claims and facilitating repayments. Banks, upon receipt of a claim, will have three months (maximum) to respond and either make an offer based on the particular mortgage conditions, or in the case of rejecting the claim, set out clearly their reasons for doing so. If this is not acceptable to both parts, the case may then go to court.


Claiming ‘floor clause’ money back

pareja en banco

Adeje Council, through the local OMIC (municipal citizen’s attention bureau), under the department of health and quality of life (councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo) and in collaboration with ADICAE (the association for bank and credit union users) will hold a public talk on mortgage floor clauses and additional costs tomorrow, Wednesday February 15th, at 6pm. The meeting is taking place in the town’s Cultural Centre.

“What we are doing, from the Council’s point of view, is giving all the relevant information to our citizens in relation to floor clauses. For that reason, from the offices of the OMIC, we have prepared this information event to let people know what their rights are and how to proceed if they wish to make a reclamation”, commented councillor Trujillo Bencomo.

The meeting will have the information necessary and outlined in the Royal Decree 1/2017 which lists the means by which monies can be returned to clients. Pedro Herrero, of ADICAE will be the main speaker, and include in his talk will be information on time frames for reclamations. He will answer questions from the public on the matter.

This event will be in Spanish, so please do bring a translator if you feel you might be in need of some assistance.
Department of Communications

Love is in the air…


ADEJE_poster_valentin copia

If you’re shopping for that someone special today or tomorrow, Adeje Council is encouraging you to shop locally, “for the closeness of the shops, the excellent personal attention, the ease of shopping and the benefit of contributing to the local economy”, says Adeje economic development councillor Manuel Luis Méndez Martin.

The ZCA, the Adeje Commercial Zone is also encouraging local shopping with the bonus of a series of activities during Valentine’s Day, including an old-fashioned Cadillac car, decorated for the day, which will be touring the borough, stopping at different points to allow you to take photos to remember the day.

The ZCA is also offering prizes, including a cruise and spa vouchers for lucky shoppers during the month of February.

Department of Communications

Adeje council suspends weekend activities due to adverse weather conditions


bad weather sign
Earlier today the mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, announced the closure of municipal installations and the suspension of all borough activities programmed for this weekend due to the wind and rain alert in place.

“Given the unfavourable weather conditions expected today and tomorrow we have taken the decision to suspend scheduled municipal activities this afternoon (Saturday) and tomorrow (Sunday) all day. I would also like to call on all our residents to take extra care particularly if they have to travel over the next day or two”, said the mayor.

At the moment there have been no reports of any incidents as a result of the bad weather though there  were fallen branches and rock on some roads and paths. If anyone detects a problem they are asked to contact the local police in Adeje or call 112. The council has the usual protocols in place for this kind of situation, with security and civil protection bodies on stand-by prepared for any eventuality.


Open call for women artists


Adeje invites women in art to take part in the VI collective for International Women’s Day

For the 6th consecutive year the art collective “Creative Adeje Women”, founded and organised by the Adeje council through the department of equality (under councillor Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro), and designed to emphasise the importance of women in the art world, is inviting submissions for this year’s exhibition.

“Historically the role of women in the art world, as in many others, was ignored or undervalued”, says Rodríguez del Toro. “During the evolution of our society too often the contribution of women has been set aside to the detriment of equality. Few women in the art world have been given the recognition they deserve, so the Adeje council is continuing to offer a platform, through this collective, which has become a showcase for many local artists. Since its inception the exhibitions have been very well received the public and are one of the most visited every year”, she added.

Participation is open to female artists (professional and amateur) based in the Canaries who would like to present a work for exhibition. It can be from any discipline (photography, painting, sculpture, graphic design, recording, etc.) and must not be bigger than 1.20cm. The exhibition, in the Adeje Cultural Centre, will coincide with International Women’s Day, on March 8th, and open to the public from 7pm.

More information on the Adeje webpage, in the ‘Igualdad’ section, where you will also find the application form which can be filled in and sent to Final entries will be chosen based on quality, technical standards and originality.

Other events to mark International Women’s day will include a performance of Esmeralda by the Helena Turbo Theatre group on the same evening, at 8.30pm, and the awarding of the annual Adeje prize for a woman/women who have contributed to the borough in a particular way, the Abinque, which takes place on March 11th.


Adeje libraries – a valuable resource



Adeje’s libraries continue to be a valuable resource for the Adeje public with almost 27.000 registered visits in 2016, where library staff carried out over 34,000 consultations. The majority of visits were to the main library in the Adeje Cultural Centre (24,000) followed by Armeñime, the Canarian library, Tijoco and Fañabe.

According to the councillor with responsibility, Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz, “the profile of the library user has changed since the creation of the university campus here in the cultural centre with a notable increase in the demand for books relating to tourism as a career”, but he stressed that the interest in literature hadn’t diminished. “But we are seeing more members of the Adeje public using the libraries as a research source,” he added.

During 2016 an average of 1,718 people visited a library in the borough each month with just over three quarters of those being adults, slightly more women than men. The busiest days for users were Mondays and Tuesdays. There was an average of 32 Wi-Fi connections with the library network daily as well. 14,529 people used the study sections of the libraries both during the week and at weekends.


The most requested books for younger readers were Sponge Bob books, and Bach for my Baby, and in the audio-visual section most in demand were The Wonderful World of Animals, and Disney’s Magic English plus, among other titles. Slightly older readers were reading Ciudad de Cristal, and a number of books belonging to the Diario Greg (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) series. Third level students sought titles on the economy, sociology, leisure and tourism and accountancy.
Department of Communications

Rotary Van for Asociación San Juan



Recently the International Rotary Club donated a 9-seater adapted van to the Asociación San Juan, based in Adeje.  With this addition to their fleet the association can now improve their service of transporting people with mobility difficulties to and from the centre that is there for individuals with diverse physical and mental challenges.


Manuel Florián, the governor-elect of the Rotary Club, said, “we are an organisation made up of business people and professionals who have a commitment to solidarity.  We are a world-wide organisation in existence for over 200 years, dedicated to the search for peace through the allocation of necessary recourses such as schools, hospitals, etc”.


He said that the Rotary Club in Tenerife had dedicated its most recent efforts to helping the Asociación San Juan, an organisation deserving of assistance.  With the cooperation of the Fundación La Caixa and car concession Cuatromoción, they were able to donate this specially adapted vehicle to the organisation.


Ana Onieda Borges Medína. President of the Asociación San Juan, said that they had been in existence for 23 years to help the most vulnerable members of our society “but we haven’t worked alone, and along the way have been helped by many people and institutions, among them the Adeje council itself”.


José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, Mayor of Adeje, added “solidarity and gratitude are fundamental parts of this society reflected in the work of the Asociación San Juan.  Over the years they have demonstrated their worth with a huge amount of humanitarian work showing the important and special role education plays in our lives”. The mayor also expressed his thanks to the Rotarians and their on-going contribution to the “construction of a more equitable society in the south of Tenerife, with particular attention to improving the quality of life of the most vulnerable.”