A word-while event

The English-language event, part of the Adeje Book and Comic fair this weekend, was a fascinating chat with 7 local authors and members of the public from the Adeje, the UK, Croatia, Italy and Ireland among others.  Adeje councillor for libraries, Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz welcomed the writers and the public to the event.

At the top table were published authors Lee Bullen, Richard Attree, Joe Cawley, Gemma Metcalfe , Susan Dehmel and Roger/Rebecca Stone, as well as Brad Smith who is hoping to have his first book published by Christmas.  All of them addressed a variety of issues such as the difficulty/ease of online publishing, marketing, of course the writing of books, mentors, inspriation, the presence of Tenerife in their novels whether living in Spain but writing in English posed it’s own problems, and all were honest and generous with their time and experience.

Members of the public were interested in how to get started, the issue of copyright, co-writers, and whether writers also have a duty or moral obligation to promote the greater good and use their writing to inspire more social harmony.

This is second year that non-Spanish writers have featured in the Adeje Book and Comic Fair, and already many of the pariticpants are looking forward to next year.

Fañabe students on message!


The students from 6th class in Fañabe primary school recently completed a month-long course in radio organised by the Adeje council. During the course they learnt about how this medium of communication works, how to understand the messages transmitted and how to create, write and record messages for radio. The students also had a practical day visiting the Radio Sur 107.9FM studios in the Adeje cultural centre and the press centre.

The initiative was jointly run by the departments of communication and education under councillors Zebenzui Chinea Linares and Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, who agreed on the “need to improve the community skills of the students at this stage in their education and before they enter secondary school”, adding that the students were learning about the importance of constructing and designing a message for communication.

The course was run in two sections; theoretic and practical, with the students, on the final day, preparing a series of radio announcements and publicity spots and recording them in the radio station. During the course the importance of reading as a tool in improving word use and adaption was also emphasised. They also examined how news stories and adverts for radio are constructed.

The 26 students who took part in the course, and the professors from the Fañabe school, were extremely pleased with the results of what was, in essence, a pilot project, with all seeing benefits from the experience. The councillors said “with this course the council is continuing to allow students experience work practises and allow them see the workings of the local administration too”.

Department of Communications

A ‘smashing’ time in Adeje

Adeje hosts national badminton championship April 29 – May 1

The Las Torres pavilion in Adeje will host the Spanish Senior Badminton Championship from April 29th – May 1st with over 200 athletes from 26 clubs expected to take part. The age-range for seniors is from 30 – 75 years of age. Entry to the matches will be free.

At a press conference to announce details of the event the Adeje sports councillor, Adolfo Alonso, alongside the president of the Canarian Badminton Federation, Pedro Alonso Hernández, said “This is the first time that the Canary Islands are hosting a championship at this level in the sport”, with 10 top names in the sport already confirming their presence at the event.

“Adeje’s commitment to sport and sports men and women is a fundamental part of our annual scheduling”, said the councillor, adding that the council didn’t simply work with local athletes but also worked to bring national and international tournaments and sporting individuals to the borough, to encourage those from Adeje in their chosen sports.

The president of the Canarian Federation thanked the council for their support. He said that Adeje had been chosen due to the high standard of the installations, the excellent hotel offer near to the sports grounds, and the climate, among other reasons.

Also present were the federation secretary, Angel Castillo, and a representative from the Tenerife association of parents of children with autism, (Apanate), who will benefit from a series of solidarity activities during the tournament, such as the sale of commemorative t-shirts.

Up and coming sports events in Adeje include the Asphalt Spanish Rally championship circuit, the ‘final four’ in the European basketball wheelchair league and the European championships in this discipline as well.
Department of Communications

I Executive Programme for the Tenerife Tourism Industry


The Hispanic American College, New York, is organising the I Programme for the Tenerife Tourism Industry, in Adeje, from April 24th to 28th. The event will offer participants integrated global-based information on the processes and methodologies in the tourism industry, in particularly those used by leading companies in the sector.

The course is ideal for sector directors, managers and sector heads. Registration is still open online, http://www.hispanoamericanassociation.com/executive-education/executive-program-for-tourism-industry/ where you will also find information about course content and the number of modules offered by the programme. The programme will be in Spanish.

According to Adeje’s tourism councillor, Ermitas Moriera García, “this is an important course which is being run by a highly prestigious university institution”, and further enhances the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA) as a training and educational centre for the sector.

The programme is supported by leading hotels in the zone and the provincial hoteliers association. It should encourage debate about the sector and industry, the culture of innovation and partnership in the path to success for companies and individuals working in the sector. How to meet new challenges, how to deal with change through innovation and how to identify potential roadblocks and have a plan of action in place to deal with them are just some of the goals of the five-day event.

Participants will receive a diploma upon completion of the programme. The module leaders are professionals at national and international levels in tourism, marketing, bio-urbanism, consumer identification, health tourism, etc.


Adeje Book and Comic fair – word up!

During the next two weeks the Adeje council will be promoting the written word in many forms, as part of the XV Adeje Book and Comic Fair, with the main event taking place in the parking beside the Adeje School of Music and Dance, the EMMA, on Friday and Saturday, April 21st and 22nd.

“With this event we are working to create a space where, as well as underlining the importance of reading as a skill and tool, we are giving the many Adeje book shops a platform to sell books and the growing number of authors a change to meet the public and promote their latest works”, said the councillor responsible for heritage and libraries, Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz.

This year, as in 2016, there will be a dedicated section for non-Spanish authors. From 11am – 1pm on Saturday April 22nd the public can meet a number of English-language authors, as well as take part in a ‘chat’ on getting started, getting published, inspirations, etc. Some of the authors attending will be Gemma Metcalfe (‘Trust Me’), Rebecca Stone (‘How to Treat a Woman’) Richard and Nikki Atree (‘Nobody’s Poodle’ and ‘Somebody’s Doodle’), Susan Dehmel (‘Boris and Friends’), and Joe Cawley (‘More Ketchup than Salsa’ and ‘The Final Dollop’).

Spanish authors launching new works include ‘Pescadoras, marchantas o barqueras. Vendedoras de pescado en el sur de Tenerife’ by Marcos Brito, ‘El espejo del deportista. Refleja tus habilidades para disfrutar entrenando’ by Jorge Pastor, Fran Batista y Javier Elá, ‘Monólogos, biólogos y otras buenas piezas’ by Ramón Rodríguez Torres, ‘Diario de la felicidad compartida’ by José Juan Rivero and ‘El Timple. El tratado. Barniz: mito o realidad’ by David Sánchez León.

On April 21st there will also be a screening of a film, ‘El Recuerdo de Marníe’ at 5pm, and there will also be a session using TED talk guidelines with authors Covadonga García Fierro on women in contemporary literature, Alfredo Zizzi on publishing in a digital world, Alfredo López Pérez on poetry and social networks and Ramón Rodríguez on contemporary theatre – all these talks are in Spanish and will be on Saturday April 22nd from 7pm to 8pm in the EMMA auditorium.

Other borough activities will see storytelling in the Fañabe, Armeñime and Tijoco-La Hoya libraries, a talk by author Bruno Mesa on literature and photography in the Adeje library on April 18th and on April 23rd in the Adeje Cultural Centre a performance for all the family, ‘Danza contadas, cuentos danzados’ at 12 midday. The Piedra Redonda residents association will also host their annual poetry reading afternoon.

The councillor added that thanks were due to the participating shops, Nymeria Comics, Librería Bárbara, Editorial Bahai, C.C.P.C. Centro de la Cultura Popular Canaria, Librería Dagobah, Ifara Libros, Todo Hobby La Clave, Llanoazur Ediciones, Librarías Damián, Librería La Repro, Librería El Candil and Le Canarien Ediciones.
Department of Communications

Thousands attend the Good Friday ‘La Pasión’ in Adeje

Thousands of spectators were in Adeje today to view ‘La Pasión’, the annual presentation of the last days and crucifixion of Jesus, with over 300 amateur actors involved in the production which takes place along the town’s Calle Grande. It was broadcast regionally on TV Canaria and nationally on 13 TV and on local radio, Radio Sur, as well as online on the Adeje council webpage.

Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga congratulated all those who took part as well as the team behind the performance, without whom it would not be possible. He said “What is important is that even though this has huge tourist interest, and we are delighted to share the event with all who attend, this is something that has evolved from our culture, from our way of life here, involving the whole town. The level of participation among the people of Adeje, not all of them born here, many from other parts of Spain and far beyond, is immense and helps build us as a community”. He added that this event “tells a timeless story and shows human beings moved by friendship, love, cruelty, treason, abandonment….elements that are part of the human history with cultural and traditional ramifications”.

‘La Pasión’ has been performed in Adeje for 23 years and began as a local community initiative, a small theatrical presentation outside the Santa Úrsula church. Over the years it has grown and incorporated different stages, enriched by local historical additions, costumes and music. Today it starts at the Plaza Cruz del Llano with the Last Supper and ends with the crucifixion in the Plaza de España. The part of Jesus and Mary are played by José Antonio López, and Ana Oneida Borges Medina, both from Adeje, along with hundreds of other local amateur actors. Rehearsals last over a month and the performance is directed by Laura Marrero.

According to the councillor with responsibility for culture, Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, “we also have to acknowledge the participation of groups including: la Librea de Valle Guerra, the Adeje School of Music and Dance, Ballet Beanky, as well as those professional actors who also offer their services to the performance, namely Baltasar Isla, Nacho Almenar and Juancho Aguiar.”

The staging of this event in Adeje has become a regional reference point at Easter and marks Adeje as a borough of cultural values. The council congratulates all those who work to make this such an important event as well as those involved in other parallel events, such as the Cooking at Lent establishments, all working to make Adeje a very special place to visit and live in.

The greatest story ever told…


Representacion de la Pasion, Calle grande, Adeje. 25 Marzo 2016. ©Phil Crean.

The Adeje Council, under the direction of the cultural department and councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, presents ‘La Pasíon’, the last days and death of Jesus Christ, from 12 midday on Good Friday, April 14th.

“This event is eagerly awaited throughout the year and is one of the cultural events that is most linked with the borough”, remarked Adolfo Alonso Ferrera. “It is an event that is only made possible through the commitment of the residents of the borough”, he added, referring to the 300+ people who take part in the two-hour long street theatre event, which recreates Jerusalem in the time of Jesus Christ.

Representacion de la Pasion. Adeje. 25 Marzo 2016. ©Phil Crean.

“Over the last few weeks we have been holding rehearsals, setting up the various stages, making costumes, etc. None of this would be possible without the commitment of the council team of workers who ensure, down to the tiniest details, that everything is in readiness for this important theatrical presentation”, the councillor said. He added that an event of this magnitude could only happen with the full support and backing of all departments of the council working together.

This is the 5th year that the final scene, the crucifixion, takes place in the Plaza de España. The change in the location of this most emotive scene has added to the dramatic weight of the final moments of the presentation, with the incredible natural backdrop of the Barranco del Infierno flanked by the Convento and the Parish church,, and much more space for the public in attendance. It has also meant a general increase in safety.


“’La Pasión’ is a hugely important event from a cultural and tourist point of view and the people of Adeje feel very much that it is ‘their’ contribution. This year, yet again, we have more than 300 people taking part in what is a unique event”, the councillor commented. There will also be performances from professional actors Balthazar Isla, Nacho Almenar, Juancho Aguiar, and Ballet Beanky, the Adeje School of Music and Dance and the Librea de Valle Guerra.

This year the opening will feature a video in the form of a ‘flashforward’ of a meeting of the main disciples in the catacombs, with John telling the story and linking to the live opening scene as Jesus enters Jerusalem.

There are other changes which include new costumes and stage upgrades and some changes to the music for Ballet Beanky composed by the professor of the Adeje School of Music and Dance, Juan Carlos Coronado.

The entirety of the Calle Grande, from the Plaza del Cruz del Llano to the Plaza de España will be transformed for the morning with a market place, various stages, and even animals including goats, donkeys, falcons, horses, snakes, etc. The whole event will be broadcast live on Television Canaria, can be viewed online on TvCanariaNet, nationally on 13TV and live on local radio, Radio Sur, 107.9fm. If you are there and want to post photographs online the trending hashtags will be #pasionadeje2017, #AdejeSemanaSanta2017 and #apasionados.

The Adeje council asks that those who are planning to attend the event observe the following recommendations:
• Wear appropriate clothing and shoes – comfort is important
• Apply high factor sun creams and make sure you have sufficient water
• Make sure you have personal identification on you including information regarding your blood group and any allergies to medicines.
• Arrive in plenty of time to avoid delays
• Don’t push while in the crowd
• Respect the security signals and barriers in place as well as following any instructions of the security and council personnel
• Don’t climb up on walls, railings, flower pots, stages, etc.
In the event of an accident find the nearest health assistant and ask them to help you find a family member or companion. In the case of an emergency remain calm and respect those who are nearby. Leave the danger zone and and follow the directions of the security personnel. Don’t run or scream.

When the event is over wait a few minutes for the crowds to diminish before leaving the centre of town.


Proud of ‘La Pasión’

Ahead of Good Friday’s ‘La Pasión’, the Adeje street performance depicting the last days and crucifixion of Jesus Christ, English Time spoke to José Antonio López, who has played the part of Jesus Christ for 11 years.

What is the importance of ‘La Pasión’ for the people of Adeje?
“I think it is an event that the people of Adeje have immense pride in, whether they are actually taking part directly or not, and it allows us to demonstrate our ability to generate culture, beauty and respect for traditions, something which does garner admiration and recognition for the town.”

How many years have you been playing the role of Jesus Christ?
“11 years as Jesus but I have also been involved in other years playing other parts – in fact in the 20 years of ‘La Pasión’ there have only been 3 years when I haven’t taken part – when I was studying abroad.”
Is it different each year – do you feel different during each performance?
“Yes, every year there are different nuances. We have a very creative and innovative director who always brings new elements into the performance that enhances the event while respecting what is the essence of Adeje’s ‘La Pasión’ . Personally, every year I feel as if it were the first time, with a sense of expectation, an eagerness to see how we will perform, and how we are going to experience this year’s event.”

Has your life changed?
“Not really – perhaps I am a little less anonymous, and OK, in that sense, yes. I am always grateful for the kindness shown to me by people who recognise me at different times and places.”
What importance does the story of the death of Jesus Christ have for us today in the 21st century?
“In remembering him we remember someone who took on the suffering of all humanity and the story of the death and resurrection of Christ can make us hope that there is a way to change what is happening in the world and that our greatest weapon is love. With love we can end injustice and the human suffering that we are witnessing on a daily basis.”

A healthier population!

More than 200 people took part in the Healthy Measures Cycle

Over 200 people took part in the Healthy Measures Cycle organised by the Adeje department of health under councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo. The event took place last Saturday in the Adeje Farmers Market.

“Our main aim is to work on prevention and the dissemination of information regarding healthy lifestyle habits which will help avoid health-related problems in the future. During the year we are carrying out a series of different activities in this area, from talks to workshops, excursions, and offering professional services for particular areas of relevance”, said the councillor. “In this way we hope to let our residents have access to the kind of help they need to look after their health”.

The Healthy Measures Circuit was organised to coincide with World Health Day on April 8th, and was run from 10am to 1pm in the Farmers Market, offering the public a chance to test blood sugar levels, blood pressure, lung capacity, etc, all for no charge. The service was offered thanks to the collaboration of staff from the Adeje health centre with other professionals offering nutritional advice and information on lifestyle options.

Members of the public who took part were given a ‘health card’ with their results as well as information on the general state of their health. The assistance of the GEAS company also allowed people to test their hearing.

The councillor thanked all those for their help as well as the members of the Farmers Market under councillor Esther Rivero Vargas and expressed her delight at the numbers who took advantage of the free service.

Department of Communications