Fashion on the beach…

For the second year running some of Europe’s top models will strut their stuff on the sand, here in Costa Adeje.

The Tenerife Fashion Beach Costa Adeje is taking place in various formats all this week, with the main fashion show taking place on a specially constructed catwalk on the Playa del Duque beach on Friday evening – this event isn’t open to the public as it is for the fashion press and blogging elite who have flowing into Adeje for the event.

During the week there was also a casting held in the Hard Rock Hotel to seek out new modelling talent with over 100 young men and women turning up to see if they have what it takes to make the cut.  Tomorrow, Thursday, the official presentation of the models who will take to the catwalk on Friday is on, and tomorrow evening there will be a beach and sports-wear show on Fañabe beach showing clothing available here in the shops from Tenerife labels as well as new lines from intenational houses such as Seco Seco, Lava Sport, Pi-314 and Faro Bag , Anana Wear, Yang Shuang and Maillot Soralla.

On Friday the main event on the Playa del Duque takes place, with collections from Ola Olita, Ananas Wear and Milena Rodher in the New Talents section, followed by new lines from The Knot Company, Noemí Felipe, Zooo Society, Arena Negra y Sedomir Rodríguez de la Sierra, Bea de la Rosa, Lava y Locaplaya, Aurelia Gil, Hipertrófico, Román Peralta, Entreaguas, Miss Bikini and Karl Lagerfeld. The show will be presented by Spanish television personality Nieves Álvarez and Israeli actor, producer and influencer Eliad Cohen.

The fashion week comes to an end on Saturday with a comercial ‘showroom’ event.

The Tenerife Fashion Beach Costa Adeje, continuing on its success last year, is being flagged as an excellent opportunity to promote “fashion and climate” and the multitude of delights Costa Adeje has to offer.  The Adeje tourism councillor Ermitas Moriera welcomed “the international bloggers and influencers working in the fashion world as they now also have a chance to get to know, at first hand, what we offer as a destination”.





Looking after each other!

Fundación CLC World donate two dryers to Adeje Seniors’ residence

Earlier this week representatives of the CLC World Foundation Miriam Palazon, Richard Wafer and Leonie Lindwedel visted the Adeje Senior Citizens home with Adeje mayor Jose Miguel Rodriguez Fraga and the Adeje councillor for senior citizens Cristina Carballo. They were there to see the working of the two new clothes dryers the foundation has just donated to the home.

During their visit they were shown around the centre by director Carina Negrin Aguilar, meeting many of the residents in the well shaded patio, before seeing the dining area, the bedrooms, and large living room and of course the laundry area where both clothes dryers are already in use.

Miriam told the mayor that the Foundation were delighted to be able to “do their bit to help people who might need it” and were eager to participate in other donations in the borough in the coming months. They have already helped the Asociación San Juan and are finalising their contribution to this year’s Walk for Life. The CLC World foundation is a non-profit institution working to improve the lives of those in need, with funds raised from donations and grants from associations, and clients and employees of CLC World. They have been working in Costa del Sol and Tenerife.

Jose Miguel Rodriguez Fraga welcomed this donation and expressed his interest in the work of the CLC World Foundation. He said their aims were very much in parallel with the aims of the council, putting people first. The mayor thanked the Foundation for their altruism, adding that in Adeje they were always aware that there were people in need, people who were suffering “and that’s where we step in – perhaps it’s the elderly, or families who need extra help with school materials. This is where we work in solidarity, as we know that during our lives no one is without needs”.

CLC World Resort Director Miriam Palazon said “we are here to do our bit and open to other requests to assist where we can”. She said the foundation is working with many different associations and organisation here in Tenerife and in the Spanish peninsula to improve the lives of those in need. “We stand ready to listen, ready to help”, Palazon told the Adeje mayor, “our intention is to bring the work of the foundation to Adeje”.





Department of Communications







Levelling the playing pitch!


The Adeje Equality Council is working on new actions and strategies


The Adeje Equality Council has a busy few months ahead, taking part in a range of different training and awareness raising activities with a two-pronged objective – to share and exchange ideas within the council and also to help the public in general become more aware of the need for an equal playing pitch in all facets of daily life.

In its most recent meetings the council members have been making final arrangements for the II Adeje School of Equality, which will take place in early 2019, and have been invited by the gender violence organisation to participate and share their experiences in the School of Social Participation to be organised by Candelaria council in the near future. They are also busy working on the Adeje events for November 25th, International Day against Gender Violence. The message on the day will also be shared with the South Tenerife Equality Network to reach a many people as possible.

Recently the council has approved a communications strategy to encourage greater activity in social networks, they are redesigning their logo, and opening up a YouTube space, all aimed at making the council better known locally and beyond. The hashtag they have adopted for their online presence is #ConsejoIgualdadAdeje.


Fun for all the family

A parade, bouncy castles and shows to keep the kids happy during the Adeje fiestas

The younger Adeje public  have lots to keep them amused over the next two weeks during the local festival celebrations, with specific events designed with them in mind.

The main parade is happening on Saturday October 13th with the representatives from the differ-ent neighbourhoods, characters from stage and screen, cartoon friends, and lots more. The event starts at 8.30pm at the bottom of the Calle Grande.
On Monday October 15th in the Adeje municipal football grounds there will be a children’s park from 11am, with bouncy castles, workshops, etc. Entry is free.  Tuesday March 16th Plaza de España hosts the “Gran Circo Komba” at 6.30pm, an interactive theatre presentation. This is also free to the public.
And on Saturday October 20th the Calle Grande is taken over by children’s activities from 5pm, on the last weekend of the patronal festival.







Footgolf’s coming home!

Costa Adeje hosts the Spanish Open this weekend

Maikel Álvarez, hoping to become Spanish Open Footgolf Champ

Tenerife footgolf player Maikel Álvarez, is hoping to be proclaimed Spanish champion this weekend in the Spanish Open which is taking place here in Adeje this weekend!

The game, where a player attempts to kick a football into a 21” cup in as few shots as possible, is a growing sport. According to Zeben Díaz, vicepresident of the Canarian Footgolf federation,  the Adeje Cup is taking place in the run-up to the World Cup being held in Marrakesh. The Adeje Cup “is two tournaments in one, as it’s both an international stage and the Spanish Open”.

The Tenerife player Maikel Álverez is currently second in the world rankings but hopes to claim top spot this weekend. The competition is on October 12th, 13th and 14th in the Los Lagos Golf in Costa Adeje and broadcast live via social media. 130 players are expected to take part, with the a €7,000 purse for the winners. Among the particpants are top players Ben Clarke, Nico García and Jamie Cullum.


Department of Communications







In the Pink


The Pink Room/Sala Rosa celebrates three years in existence this month.  Inaugurated in October 2015 by the Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and health councillor Amada Trujllo Bencomo, the Room was born from a need, identified by the Walk for Life foundation, for a space for sufferers of breast cancer and their families.

It offers a place to meet others, for information and help socially and professionally.  The Pink Room, having listened to many women’s issues post-mastectomy, also started the BRA project which now offers every single women here who has had breast removal surgery a custom-made special post-op bra, fabricated from non-abrasive material, fitted, closing in front, etc.

The Pink Room has also run yoga classes, pelvic floor sessions, workshops and talks post-op care, healthy eating, etc.  according to the Walk for Life president Brigitte Gypen.  She and councillor Trujillo Bencomo were in attendance at the 3rd anniversary celebrations alongside many of the users of the Room and their families.

A Swim for Life was held last weekend and the annual Walk for Life takes place in December. The Pink Room is in the Adeje ‘Escuela de Seguridad y Convivencia’, in La Nieves with activities every Wednesday from 4pm to 8pm.



Let the fiestas begin!

The `descent`of the Virgin Mary and the Agoney concert are the headline acts in the first week of the Adeje fiestas

Adeje’s Patronal Fiestas in honour of ‘la Virgen de la Encarnación and Santa Úrsula’ have officially begun with the presentation last Friday of the representatives of the borough’s different neighbourhoods. Present were Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, the parish priest Honorio Campos Gutiérrez and the town’s cultural councillor Adolfo Alonso.

Activities began in earnest t with the traditional ‘descent’ of the statue of the Santa Úrsula church’s Virgin Mary from the high alter, and end with the ‘romería’ (pilgrim parade) on October 21st. The mayor said, “this is a time to remember who we are, and what is important in our lives, and to share what we have with others”. He added that Adeje has been paying homage to the figure of the ‘Virgen de La Encarnación’ for over 300 years , when she was deemed to have saved the area from a plague of locusts.

The seven representatives of the different neighbourhoods of Adeje were also presented during the morning. The mayor explained to the press in attendance that, unlike many other towns, Adeje does not elect a festival queen but instead invites representatives from every neighbourhood to take part, together, in all the of the patronal events. In this way all parts of the borough are present throughout the celebrations.

This year’s representatives are Yuliza Chinea (Las Nieves), Daniela Casanova Vargas (Tijoco – La Hoya), Valeria Hernández Caballero (Los Olivos), Gara Negrín Díaz (Armeñime), Teresa García Acosta (La Caleta), Ana Andrea Pérez Esquivel (Fañabé), Thalía Martín González (Adeje Casco) and Sara Hernández Hernández, who will represent Adeje at the Miss Sur competition.

Fashion beach casting call!

“Tenerife Fashion Beach Costa Adeje” organised by the Cabildo and the Adeje Council, is widening the net in a search for new local talent. The event, which brings together tourism and fashion, is on October 15th and 20th.
New Face casting will be offering a chance to 20 young people from the island to take their first step into the world of professional modelling. The lucky 20 will be offered a photography session and take part in one of the designer shows during the event.
Efraín Medina, Cabildo vice president, said these kinds of projects were welcome as they allowed the fashion sector generate new commercial opportunities and also brought the textile industry closer to the public.
Adeje’s tourism councillor Ermitas Moreira said that it was important as “every year we are looking at new ideas for the zone and the new casting would create new promotional opportunities while also giving young people from the area a start in the fashion business.” She added that it was important to remember that the Tenerife Fashion Beach Costa Adeje promoted both the sector and the destination and the fashion business itself attracted visitors and was in line with the top class hotels in the zone. Last year a wide selection of national and international designers used the event to show their clothes in the spectacular beach setting.
The casting for new models will be at the Hard Rock Hotel in Adeje, on October 15th from 4pm to 7pm.